Alex is a teen working at the Penguin's Frozen Yogurt stand in the Clamp Center retail concourse, along with his co-worker.

Gremlins 2

Alex worked late along with his co-worker, both unbeknownst that the hungry mogwai Mohawk, George and Lenny were feeding of some of the candies and yogurt after midnight. A female customer asked his co-worker if one type of yogurt, the peanut buttercups, was all-natural and the co-worker turned to him and asked if it was, whereupon he replied that they were at least pesticide free. Mohawk's furry arm emerged from a batch of candies and caused a small commotion, one of the customers yelling out that it was a rat. A nearby man came forth and asked if she really said it was a rat and Alex said that she said that there was no rat in an effort to downplay the situation. Then Mohawk emerged from among the candies and spooked Alex, his co-worker and the customers.


  • If you look closer when the gremlins attacked the lobby you see Alex and his co worker being attacked with the customers.
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