Peter Jones BT Business Gremlins ad

Peter Jones BT Business Gremlins ad

The Gremlins BT Business Ad is a television advertisement for the global telecommunications services company, BT Group as part of it's eight-week Gremlins BT Campaign. It featured the actor Peter Jones and a several of the gremlins from the first film. Many fans had originally believed this to be a trailer for the highly anticipated and rumored Gremlins 3, although no word yet on whether the third installment will ever be filmed. It was confirmed that the commercial was not a trailer for a third Gremlins film and had no direct link to the rumored sequel to Gremlins and Gremlins 2: The New Batch. The advertisement is very popular on websites such as YouTube.



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The advertisement takes place in an office. Peter Jones' character says goodbye to one of his co-workers and returns to his work. It is late at night, and as Jones' character slowly begins to notice more and more problems with his computer, a group of gremlins tiptoes around his office, Jones, meanwhile, has even found chewed and frayed wires, and eventually, the office erupts into chaos, as the playful and malicious creatures are seen acting as their usual selves, behaving with their playful, yet destructive and chaotic manner. When Jones leaves the office (temporarily), the gremlins really begin to stir up some trouble, although they hide upon his return. When he returns to find his computer still crashed and in worse condition, he puts his face down on his desk, showing signs of stress, as the gremlins close in on him, although Jones remains unaware of this.

Making BT Ad

Making of Gremlins 3 BT Buisiness Ad

Making of Gremlins 3 BT Buisiness Ad


  • The original film's theme song was played at the end of the commercial.
  • The commercial's main character (played by Peter Jones) may resemble the franchise's main character, Billy Peltzer, working at his job at Clamp Center.
  • Some of the gremlins from the original film were featured in the ad, specifically the deceased antagonist and leader of the gremlins from the first film, Stripe.
  • When the main character of the ad looks at the chewed up wires, this may resemble the scene in Gremlins in which Billy looks (confused) at the chewed up wire for his alarm clock, moments before realizing the destructive behavior of the Mogwai and soon-to-be gremlins.
  • There were 28 puppeteers hired to operate 20 gremlins in the commercial.
  • The Gremlins that were used in this advert were different puppets than the original.



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