—The Blender Gremlin

Blender, the Blender Gremlin, was a member of the first batch. He was first fully seen as a Gremlin eating gingerbread men that Lynn Peltzer had baked earlier.

Gremlins '84

He may have had something to do with chewing through the wires of Billy Peltzer's clock. He along with the other Mogwais except Gizmo ate after midnight and changed into a cocoon and later emerged from it then a gremlin.

After seeing the opened cocoons, Lynn walked downstairs, stepped into the kitchen and to her horror she spotted the gremlin, whereupon she quickly backed out. The gremlin hears something but carries on eating and as Lynn peers into the kitchen, the gremlin starts to eat out of the blender. Then Lynn tip-toes up to the blender and then she pushes the start button, and then it chopped him into green chunks and then his blood slatters around, and then it left his legs sticking out of he top of the blender as Lynn stops it.


  • His name comes from how he meets his end.
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