Bogart Gremlin spawned at Kingston Falls in 1984. It is characterized by the bowler hat and a rather somber attitude.

Gremlins ‘84

Bogart Gremlin was one of the many Gremlins spawned from their leader Stripe. Later he is seen at Dorry's Tavern, he was moping and smoking and then a gremlin with hand puppets, the Sock-puppet, showed up next to him while singing and annoying him, which made him and hit the annoying gremlin with a big mallet. He was then seen laughing at the escalating chaos and another gremlin then throws a beer bottle at him, which made him fall down to the floor. He was later killed along with the rest of the Gremlin horde in the Kingston Falls Theater minus Stripe.


  • As his name implies, he is quite obviously a reference to the legendary actor Humphrey Bogart (1899-1957).