Deputy Brent Frye is one of the highest ranking officers in the Kingston Falls police force and is present at the station in the company of his superior, Sheriff Frank Kelly when Billy Peltzer shows up along with Gizmo and tries to tell the two about the invading gremlins. Brent seem to be rather laid back, a tad lazy and is also bossed around a bit by Frank.

Gremlins ‘84

He sits by his desk and plays with a toy dart gun when Billy enters the station and listens to Billy's explanation about the ongoing gremlin attack, but neither of the two policemen sees the severity of the problem and does not take Billy seriously. After a call about a snow plow accident at the Futtermans, Frank heads out along with Brent and a bit later on while in their police car, they witness the death of Ruby Deagle and sees how a man dressed as Santa is attacked by the gremlins. Brent then starts feeling rather scared and asks Frank if they could drive to the station, which then Frank does, but they don't get far when a pickup drives out in front of them and they end up crashing and flipping over since a gremlin has destroyed the brakes of the police car. It is unknown whether or not he and Frank died when the car crashed.


  • His surname is Frye. In addition to this being visible on his nametag on his uniform, when they see Mrs. Deagle get killed, Frank says, "My God, Frye!" In George Gipe's novelization however he is simply "Deputy Brent."
  • He was played by actor Jonathan Banks, who later also plays Mike Ehrmantraut on AMC series Breaking Bad and it's spin-off series Better Call Saul.
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