The Cocoon.

The Cocoons are the second stage of the Gremlin life cycle, being the penultimate stage before the Gremlin itself.

From Mogwai to Gremlin

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After they eat after midnight, the Mogwai forms a slimy cocoon that wraps around them. Inside, the Mogwai goes through a metamorphosis from small and furry, to tall and scaly creatures, known as Gremlins. The process usually takes a couple of hours and afterwards, they hatch and come out of their cocoons as Gremlins, ready to wreck havoc.

This process is very similar to that of a caterpillar when it metamorphoses inside its cocoon to a butterfly.


The making of the cocoons from Gremlins 2 the New Batch. Top left to right: Lenny, George and Mohawk.


NECA showed off a prototype action figure of the Cocoon at SDCC in 2012, although it has not been released.

NECA Cocoon Action Figure