Billy outside the tavern.

"Thats where my dad proposed to my mom"

"That's where everyones dads proposed to their moms"

- Billy Peltzer and Kate Beringer about the tavern.

Dorry's Tavern, is the local pub in Kingston Falls and it is owned by Dorry, where Kate works as a barmaid. Sometimes before her death, Ruby Deagle had tried to get it to shut down, as revealed when Kate Beringer approached Billy Peltzer with a petition paper. According to Kate, it is also the place where most of the fathers in town had proposed to their wives, but it may just be a myth.

The Gremlins invade the Tavern

When the gremlins invaded the town led by Stripe, some of them including Stripe himself enter the Tavern and have a party, forcing Kate to serve them. The Gremlins play poker, smoke, eat popcorn and drink beer. When lighting a cigarette for a Gremlin, he is killed by the flame, causing Kate to realize bright light is fatal to Gremlins. Kate takes a camera and uses its flash to repel or kill the Gremlins. However, a Gremlin dressed as a mugger prevents Kate's escape as he attempts to shoot her, and his baclava protects him from being hurt by light. Fortunately for Kate, the mugger Gremlin is thwarted by Billy, who arrives to rescue Kate.

In the aftermath after the Gremlins were defeated, a news reporter, Lew Landers, reported the events of the Gremlin attack in the wrecked Tavern. Since the novel confirms Dorry survived the Gremlin attack, he would of most likely repaired the tavern.

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