Gizmo, the only known Eternal.

The Eternals, or minority mogwai is a concept from the Movie adaption book, that applies to the very few Mogwai who choose to be good-hearted and kind, while the rest of their species become violent and malicious.


The only known Eternal is Gizmo. The Eternals come from the planet which the original Mogwai and Gremlins all come from, and when the majority of their species became evil beasts, the Eternals went into hiding, refusing to obey the Gremlins' cruel-hearted regime after they took over the planet. Some of the Eternals and Gremlins ended up falling to Earth, including Gizmo. Most of the Gremlins died out, and the few remaining Eternals went into hiding like they had on their former planet to avoid captivity or danger to the human race.

One of the Gremlin Incidents besides Kingston Falls was an incident that caused an 8 hour delay for a spaceship. The Gremlin had snuck onboard, and terrorized the people on it until it was trapped in a storage compartment and killed.

Gremlins scene 15

Earl, the only possible other Eternal seen in the movies.

Eventually, Gremlins were spawned by Gizmo in the small town of Kingston Falls. The Gremlins were defeated, but more were spawned not long after, and in New York at the Clamp Center, it was almost destroyed by the destructive creatures, if not for Gizmo and his human allies.


  • Gizmo is the only known Eternal. However, in a cancelled Gremlins game, it was shown that there are more Eternals and they were honoring Gizmo for his actions during the Gremlin invasion (though immediately after, he gets wet and spawns a batch of gremlins).
  • It is possible that Earl may have been an eternal, but since Mr. Hanson's blood tests hurt him so much, he wanted revenge and turned evil.
  • The Eternals may have been given their name because they were able to live on forever unless they were exposed to sunlight or killed by someone (or something).
  • The Eternals were never mentioned in the films, but only in the novelization of Gremlins, written by George Gipe.
  • The "certain circumstances" that caused the Eternals' enemies, the Gremlins, to turn evil were the three rules (Don't feed the Mogwai after midnight, get them wet, or expose them to sunlight).