This technician worked in the control room of Clamp Center under Forster, head of security.

Gremlins 2

Prior to the gremlin invasion of the building, he was present in the control room when Forster came to check up on them and used one of the intercom systems to fire an employee who was taking an unauthorized smoke break.

Later, when Billy Peltzer came inside the control room to warn Forster and the technicians about the newly hatched gremlins that were at large in the building, he and his co-workers never believed Billy. Instead, they started to make fun of Billy and his words about the mogwai and their transformations into gremlins. The suddenly, Mohawk broke through a computer console and attacked Forster's Technician 1. He was shocked and backed off and after Mohawk knocked the technician he attacked out, the third technician and Forster's Technician 4 ran to the injured technicians aide.

Thanks to Billy using a flashlight, the gremlin then gets chased off, leaving the technicians to care for their wounded. A bit later, while checking up on the systems as the gremlins George, Lenny and Daffy were spawning new gremlins in Studio D, he noticed brownouts in five more locations, indicating that the system troubles were multiplying.

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