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George is a major antagonist in Gremlins 2: The New Batch. He was first a mogwai before he turned into a gremlin.


George is a tough gangster-type gremlin with short and small ears, big lips and a more or less ape-like face. He also seems fatter than the other gremlins. He's always seen with the goofy Lenny by his side and he seems more composed and calm when compared to the other gremlins in the film, he shares this trait with the Brain Gremlin.

George is extremely cynical and grouchy. He is always seen with a grumpy look on his face, even when laughing or doing something he enjoys. Despite his crabby demeanor, George is tolerant and calm. When Lenny hits him by mistake, George does not strike him back or hold a grudge. In the kitchen scene, George does yell at Lenny for hitting him with a pan, but quickly gets over it. George does also have a sense of humor, though it is not the same as the other Gremlins in the film. George does take delight in the pain of others and he finds this humorous. George spends most of his time with Lenny, which shows that George does see Lenny as a companion. George is also bossy, as he often tells Lenny what to do.

Gremlins 2


George and Mohawk stuff Gizmo in the air vent.

George was born together with fellow mogwai Mohawk, Lenny, and Daffy when Gizmo got water on himself from a leaky faucet. His body unfolded in a drawer with Lenny, whom was unfolded about two seconds after George. He was the eldest of the new mogwais. He ordered Lenny to tear a vent open, accidentally getting hit by the vent covering. Then he, Lenny, and Mohawk stuffed Gizmo inside the ventilation shaft and shut him in before leaving. They ended up at a restaurant on the lower floor of Clamp Center and ate after midnight, then they formed cocoons together with Daffy who joined them.


George (bottom) and his partner in crime, Lenny (top)

George, Lenny, and Daffy, now as gremlins, then appeared during the Microwave With Marge cooking show that was being filmed. As the humans inside the room started fleeing as the gremlin trio was attacking, George angrily noticed the microwave and let Lenny throw some pots inside of it before he shut it and started it up (this was a reference to the first film where a gremlin was killed in a microwave). The microwave then exploded in a ball of fire, setting off the sprinkler system which got George and the other two gremlins wet, spawning a horde of new gremlins.

Death of George

George's death

Later sporting a tie and a cigar in his mouth, George and Lenny were seen watching "The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms" on a viewscreen in the control room and even laughed at it. At the end of the film when the Electric Gremlin was released out over the gremlin crowd in the main lobby, George died together with the rest of the horde.


  • His name and demeanor is based on the intelligent and cynical character from John Steinbeck's novel "Of Mice And Men".
  • A running gag that happened four times was Lenny hit George with something heavy. ( an air vent window,  a pan, knocking him over on a big red-Gremlin Lego structure that George built, a cannon, and a trombone in a deleted scene).
  • George appears as an enemy in the video game version of Gremlins 2: The New Batch (video game), where he attacks Gizmo with flames coming from his cigar.
  • In a deleted scene, there was a very different sequence of the Brain singing New York, New York, where the Brain and all the other Gremlins were wearing tuxedos, black top hats and the other Gremlins were playing instruments instead of singing. George was playing the clarinet, Lenny was playing the trombone and Daffy was playing the cymbals, and Daffy smacks George with his cymbals.
  • In a deleted scene, George shoves a grapefruit in Greta's mouth. This is a reference to The Public Enemy, a 1931 gangster movie.
  • George's appearance is based on Edward G. Robinson.
  • George may be an incarnation of Haskins who was killed in a microwave in the first movie.
  • NECA Toys released a George Mogwai figure in mid-2011 and a George Gremlin figure in late 2011.
  • In the novel George helped Mohawk torture Gizmo more than his film counterpart did.
  • the relationship services lenny and george in gremlins 2 recalls the relationship between gizmo and barney or gizmo and billy in the first movie

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