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Has it got a name, Dad?

Yeah, Mogwai.


Mogwai; I don't know, some Chinese word, I just call him Gizmo, he seems to like it.

Billy Peltzer and his father Randall Peltzer

Gizmo (also referred to as "Giz") is the protagonist in Gremlins movie franchise and Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai.

Gizmo is an adorable, very kind Mogwai who is part of Billy Peltzer's life. Originally owned by Sam Wing, Gizmo lives with Billy and Kate Peltzer in New York. Gizmo helps Billy to defeat the gremlins each time they get loose. Gizmo can also display many emotions.



Gizmo is the most famous cute, kind, lovable, adorable Mogwai; and not being subject to Fuxi's curse, but merely its unaffected holder for his "descendant-siblings", Gizmo will and can be counted to try following the three rules to the best of his ability - avoiding sunlight, water and food after midnight even if any, two or all of such where made readily available to him, fully aware of the consequences otherwise. Despite not being vicious like the other gremlins, and most other Mogwai, Gizmo has shown he's just as adept as they are with weapons and electrical devices. Gizmo knows how to work an electrical keyboard, turning on a television, operating a toy car, playing a trumpet, and well just being plain adorable. Not to mention, making an effective bow and arrow out of office supplies. This might be a reference to his name, as the word "gizmo" means a gadget.

Gizmo has shown a love for TV, which he developed while in the Peltzers' cared for him in the first movie. While Mr. Wing found the idea of the mogwai watching TV ridiculous, it has proven to be useful for Gizmo as in the first film, he watched a movie involving a race and he became interested in cars, or as he called them 'Vroom-Vroom.' In the climax, Gizmo drove a toy car through the department store to get to the greenhouse department before Stripe's new army was born. In the second movie, TV proves its use for Gizmo again as he recalled what the hero of the Rambo movie did and mimicked those tactics with amazing results.

Gizmo was responsible for the destruction of the leaders of both batches (interestingly, Stripe met his demise following the destruction of his army, whereas Mohawk was destroyed before). It should be noted that Gizmo took a much more direct approach in Mohawk's destruction than Stripe's, as he shot Mohawk with a flaming arrow in the second movie, whereas he indirectly destroyed Stripe by exposing him to sunlight in the original. Then Gizmo became much more assertive than he was in the first movie because, as Billy said, "they pushed him too far."

As one of the first generation of mogwai, Gizmo is exceptionally long-lived and without having a speck of hatred in him, unlike the Mogwai that were spawned from him.


Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai

In a mountain of China, a group of Mogwai sing an enchanting song until they are attacked by a bearded vulture, who starts to destroy their homes and screeches at them. A mogwai throws a rock at it and is attacked by the vulture until he lands on its back and is taken away from the rest of the mogwai and into the sky. The vulture takes him far away until he hit a tree and the mogwai falls onto a log on a river.

Gizmo sad

Gizmo was sad to have been separated from the other mogwai

The mogwai moves on the log for many days, sad to be separated from his friends and family until he sees that he reached shore. When he looks up, he sees a group of humans with a sign that says "Seven Brothers Circus". The brothers are surprised at seeing the mogwai, which they had never seen before. One of the brothers clains that that is their new star.

Later, at the Seven Brothers Circus, they present a white mountain yeti, which Sam says is simply a monkey painted white. Sam can tell they are getting tricked, but his grandfather tells him to stick around. The circus presents the mogwai as a cat-dog, which sparks Sam's interest, calling it cute and sad. The mogwai dances in ordrer to entertain everyone.

From afar, a boy and girl watch. They release a pigeon which causes a firework to go off. The boy moves until he bumps into Elle, who tells him that whatever he had brought her there for had better be good. The boy points to the mogwai, who Elle says appeared to be what their boss was searching for.

Elle approaches the mogwai, who uses weapons to cut the chord that was holding him. As he tries to run, he bumps into one of the brothers, who grabs him and tells him to take a bow. Sam's grandfather tells him they cannot leave and takes him away.

Elle buys Gizmo

Elle offered to buy Gizmo, eventually convincing the circus master.

The mogwai is put in a cage and yelled at, while Sam's grandfather tells him that he is a Mogwai, which are the rarest mystical creatures, which have not been seen in centuries because they are very dangerous under human care. Sam's grandfather tells him that they need to take it, but the circus master is approached by Elle, who offers to buy the creature.

Sam sees this and gives up, but his grandfather pulls out a knife, saying that he would cause a distraction by cutting a rope. However, he falls and the circus master notices. His grandfather pulls out a marble, which he throws at the circus master. When he picks it up, there is an explosion and Elle takes the mogwai. However, he bites her and escapes his cage, so Sam's grandfather tells him to go after him.

Sam runs after the mogwai, along with the circus master, who manages to grab him. Sam gets him away from the circus master, but the mogwai runs from him as well. The mogwai is grabbed by Elle, so Sam runs after her. Sam's grandfather knocks down a pillar, which makes Elle throw the creature into the air. He is caught by Sam, who tells him that he would not hurt him.

The mogwai is surprised when Sam and his grandfather reveal that they know he is a mogwai and Sam's grandfather begins humming a song, which makes the mogwai trust them. Elle gets up and finds a flyer, which she can use to identify Sam and his family.

Small mogwai

When Sam got Gizmo wet, small fur balls which turned out to be mogwai burst out from him.

Sam and his grandfather make it back. The mogwai introduces himself as Gizmo to Sam as his grandfather packs, telling Sam that they need to leave. Sam's grandfather says that they need to leave because mogwai's are dangerous. This statement offends Gizmo, but Sam's grandfather says that he knows all about them, so they need to return him to his home. As Sam wonders how dangerous Gizmo could really be, he knocks a glass of water over Gizmo, spilling him. Gizmo screams in pain as Sam's parents enter the room. Small fur balls pop out of Gizmo's back, which turn out to be more mogwais. Sam's grandfather tells him that he should never get them wet.

Gizmo is scared looking at the other mogwai. Sam's grandfather tells him that there are many rules to mogwai, such as no bright light and never feed them after midnight. He puts them in a box while his daughter mentions that she believed his stories were not real. Sam's grandfather explains that mogwai are very real and both Sam and himself would be heading to Fengdong, which had been destroyed by the mogwai. Sam's grandfather invites his daughter and son-in-law while people show up at their shop.

Elle knocks, while her boss tells her to behave as if she works for him. Sam's family hides as Sam's grandfather says that he could protect Gizmo since he has a kind heart, handing him a book and saying he would scare the people outside, who threatened Gizmo's safety.

Sam's grandfather tells the mysterious man that their shop was closed, but the man says that nothing closes for him. After talking for a little bit, the man infers that he used to be a treasure hunter, also asking if he knows the value of what he had stolen from him. He introduces himself as Riley Green, saying that he also considers himself a treasure hunter, offering to leave if he gives him the mogwai. Sam's grandfather laughs, saying that he does have the mogwai, but had never come home empty handed during his days as a treasure hunter. He pulls out a spin drum and begins playing it, shooting at Riley's security and shooting at Riley as well.

Riley swallows Sam's grandfther

Riley turned Sam's grandfather into a pearl he swallowed in order to consume his knowledge.

After smoke clears, Riley is unfazed, saying he had learned that trick as a child, and shooting at Sam's grandfather with something he mastered as an adult. Both of them clash with magic, but Sam's grandfather is overpowered and captured into a small pearl by Riley. Elle tries to escape, but is not allowed to do so by Riley. Riley opens his mouth wide and swallows the pearl Sam's grandfather was in.

Riley and his team hear Sam's family. Sam's father tells Sam and his mother to leave, which they do instantly, followed through the city by Riley's men and Elle. Sam and his mother make it to an alley and manage to escape. After catching their breath, Sam's mother tells him to hide while she diverts the villains. While hiding, Gizmo sings a song which calms the mogwais down, also hugging Sam since he could tell he was sad. Sam apologizes, saying he does not know how to get Gizmo back and they fall asleep.

After seeing Sam and Gizmo asleep, the other mogwai wake up and escape the box they were in, walking through the city. They walk into a dumpling restaurant, where they steal food and scare everyone in the restaurant except for the boy who helps Elle.

Gizmo does not wake Sam up, but he quickly runs over to Gizmo and says that they need to be very careful about looking for his sibling-kids.

A man walks out of the dumpling restaurant, while Sam and Gizmo make it. They look for the mogwai inside, seeing them trapped in some sort of cement because they had eaten after midnight. Riley walks in with Elle, revealing he knows Sam's name. Sam refuses to hand over Gizmo because of what he had seen him do to his grandfather. Riley reveals that he knows everything Sam's grandfather knew, including his plan to go to the Valley of Jade. Riley freezes Sam and takes Gizmo, taunting Sam until he is hit in the head from behind by Elle, which knocks him out.

Elle tells Sam she would help him

Elle told Sam that she would help him, as she was opposed to Riley's plans.

Sam runs away with Gizmo with Elle following closely behind. Elle reaches Sam and says that she would be helping him since she did not know Riley was going to do any of the things he had done. Elle says that they should help each other out since Green would be following them both. Elle blows a whistle, saying that she could get a message to his parents. Sam tells Elle they need to get to Fengdong, so Elle steals some keys and has both of them jump on top of a train.

On the train, Sam, Elle and Gizmo are impressed at the view. Sam explains that the key to the Valley of Jade is in Ghost City, but he does not know what that means. Gizmo knows what it means, but Elle argues that they cannot understand him. The train staff start asking for tickets, which they do not have, so Elle says that she would talk to the conductor. On her way, she steals tickets and asks for first class, which they are taken to.

In the first class cabin, Sam says that stealing is wrong and reminds Elle that she is no longer working for Greene, so she can stop doing that. However, she says that she has been using her skills since before working for Greene. Sam says that he would be earning his money and wants to leave, but Gizmo falls asleep and stays with Elle.

Elle tells Gizmo that she had finally been able to sleep in a bed in years, so she wants to go back to the first class cabin. Sam walks in, acting strange, which makes Elle feel suspicious. Elle pokes his foot, which reveals that that was not Sam, but a monster trying to get Gizmo.

Sam walks in with Elle and Gizmo, saying that he knew he could not trust her. Elle tells him to back off, asking him where they had met, which Sam answers correctly. Elle reveals that there is a monster on the train, which Sam does not believe, so they start fighting for Gizmo. Yao walks in, asking what was going on. Elle recognizes him as a train cop, which makes Sam tell her that he trusts him, handing Yao Gizmo. Yao thanks him for handing him the mogwai and the monster reveals itself, shooting at both Sam and Elle, pinning them to a wall.

Odd-Odd prepares to eat Gizmo

Odd-Odd revealed himself to really be a monster and not the inspector they thought he was.

The monster asks if Sam really never suspected Yao was not real, saying that he shapeshifts into different people. The monster smells Gizmo, turning on a stove, which makes Sam wonder why he would eat Gizmo. The monster reveals that he wants to live forever. As the monster, who calls himself Odd-Odd explains how to cook mogwai, Sam asks him if he is a shapeshifter and wonders why he did not simply take Gizmo when he had the chance. Odd-Odd says that he was a performer, who played in the greatest stories, but now stuck to the train, where travelers would give him whatever he wanted. However, he mentions that age is not kind and mentions that finding a mogwai was a huge success. Elle and Sam ask more questions, which Odd-Odd happily answers while Gizmo escapes the rope and climbs to the top of the train.

Sam and Elle face Odd-Odd

As Sam and Elle faced Odd-Odd, the former got too nervous and ended up missing his chance to throw a gourd at the monster.

Elle breaks free and says that they need to save Gizmo, who is now on the train's roof, followed by Odd-Odd. Odd-Odd chases Gizmo, telling him that he wants to eat him. Sam reads his grandfather's book in hopes of finding something that could help them against a shapeshifter. He says that with a few spices, they can attack Odd-Odd. They grab the spices and ingredients, rushing to the top of the train so they can help Gizmo. As Odd-Odd attacks Sam and Elle, Sam gets nervous before throwing the gourd with the ingredients at Odd-Odd and it slips from out of his hands.

However, Elle sees Odd-Odd from behind and realizes that he is actually small and attacks him with a stick. Odd-Odd is left crying and says goodbye. Sam says that he does not know what they would do without her and they decide to get off the train.

Elle betrays Sam

When Sam trusted Elle, she betrayed him, taking Gizmo with her.

Sam apologizes for not trusting Elle, saying that he could hold Gizmo whenever she wanted. Elle thanks him for the confidence and holds Gizmo before separating their wagons and leaving Sam stranded.

Elle walks with Gizmo saying that she does not like the countryside. However, Gizmo is mad at her for abandoning Sam. She reminds him that the monster almost ate him because Sam was too scared to do anything and telling him that if he wants to get to Ghost City, he needs to work with her. As it starts to rain, she runs to a nearby inn while Gizmo covers himself.

Gizmo mad at Elle

Gizmo was still mad at Elle for having abandoned Sam.

In her room, Elle sees that Gizmo is still mad at her, but she says that something seems off about Meng Po and her guests. She says that they should look around, which Gizmo agrees to do reluctantly when she says that she would leave him alone. As Elle walks around, a guest stops her and shows her a magic trick, also revealing that everyone had gotten there on the same day she had. He says he is glad he is not the only teenager there anymore because he is 15. However, he looks much closer to being middle aged, so she walks away.

Sam does not remember Elle and Gizmo

Much to their surprise, Sam was not able to recall who Elle and Gizmo were.

Elle realizes that everyone thinks they arrived that same day, as Sam walks in. Elle says that Sam must want to kill her as Gizmo breaks free from her grip and hugs Sam. Sam does not recognize Gizmo and calls him a panda dragon, which confuses the mogwai. Sam greets Elle happily, saying that he does not know who they are, but says that they could have tea after he is done cleaning.

Elle realizes that the tea is wiping people's memories. She tells Gizmo to fix it, but he says that there is nothing he can do. However, he has an idea and Elle understands that Sam could help with his herb knowledge. Elle says that she has a new chore for Sam, which excites him as he sees all the leaves and spices that Meng Po has. When asked if there was anything that could help with memory loss, he says that there is a powder that could reduce any bad effect.

Sam gets to mixing many different spices quickly. When he is done, he tells Elle that she could eat or inhale the dust and all the toxins should clear out. She hesitates to blow the dust in his face when she remembers how angry he was at her, however, and a bell begins to ring, signaling the start of the Mid-Autumn Festival, which excites Sam.

Meng Po approaches Elle from behind, saying that she knew something was off about her. Elle thinks quickly and throws dust in Meng Po's eyes as she runs for the door. Meng Po runs after her while Gizmo grabs the small pouch with the dust Sam had prepared in it.

Gizmo runs to Sam and blows the dust he prepared in his face, which gives him his memory back. He sees Gizmo and is excited, hugging him and asking where they are. Meng Po tells all her guests to stop Elle, but she tells them that she prefers coffee.

Meng Po tells Elle that she gives her tea to those who need it and have no family or friends. She explains that she had been left on her own, so she created her tea so people would not leave. She forces Elle to drink the tea, which reveals that she was separated from her parents during the Mid-Autumn Festival, during which Greene grabbed her for trying to steal from him. She found out her parents never went back for her because they got greedy and stole so many lanterns that they floated high above the city and their cries echoed through the night. Her mother's right shoe was found, but nothing else.

Sam and Gizmo hear Elle's story, and is conflicted about saving her because she ditched him, but in the end he chooses to help her. Gizmo has in idea, which he communicates to Sam, who tells him he really missed him. Gizmo grabs the dust Sam made and dumps it all over the food.

As the guests start to eat, their memory starts returning and they realize what had happened to them. Sam walks up to Elle and gives her her memories back. Sam tells Elle that he remembers her now as the guests pin Meng Po to the table and force her to drink her own tea. However, Elle stops them from doing it, telling them that she would end up all alone and she should be able to remember that she had lost everything.

Sam, Elle, and Gimzo back together

Sam, Elle and Gizmo officially rejoined in order to get Gizmo back to his home.

Sam, Gizmo and Elle start walking, while Elle wonders if they really still want her. Sam tells her that they need her, convincing her to go with him.

Sam tells Elle and Gizmo that his grandfather's map should take them straight to Ghost City after crossing the forest they were in. They mention that the forest is scary, which Sam's grandfather also wrote down. Looking at his notebook, Sam also reads that his grandfather suggested stabbing or running when encountering creatures in the forest.

Sam, Elle and Gizmo start hearing things, so they run until they stumble upon a man, who tells them to give him everything they have. The man holds a small blade and points it at them, so Sam tells Elle to do what the thief says. However, Elle kicks the blade out of the man's hand and says that the bandit is weak. When they turn around, another creature runs up to the bandit and kills him with its claws, turning the man into another creature just like him. They realize that they are being chased by many identical creatures, so they start running way from them until they reach a small cabin, which they go into and shut the doors.

Sam, Elle, and Gizmo meet Radish

Sam, Elle and Gizmo met Radish while escaping from the monsters.

Sam and Elle struggle to hold the creatures out of the cabin and they are now completely surrounded. Elle falls through a hole on the floor, where she is followed by Sam. However, Elle pints out that they are not alone and a kid pops out, greeting them and introducing himself as Radish. He presents his best friend which is a radish he calls Theodore. Radish tells them that he grows carrots and had run away from the orphanage. The monsters break in through the door and start looking for the children.

In the cabin, the hopping monsters wait for the children to come out as Sam reads his grandfather's book and Elle asks Radish if he never thought to dig another way out. Radish says that he had a perfect life there, so he had no need to do so. He reveals that a man had called for his help calling the monsters Jiangxi, which makes Sam remember when his grandfather told him about the history of the Jiangxi and how using a talisman would freeze them right where they hop, but he needs to place it on its forehead.

The Jiangxi begin to attack the children and manage to grab hold of Theodore. Radish yells at them, telling the monsters that they could not have his friend, but he is told to let the radish go by Elle. However, Radish says that he is Radish, and his friend is Theodore. He bolts out of the house and goes after the Jiangxi, so Elle tells Sam that their new acquaintance would not make it out there. Sam looks for for the talisman and draws the symbols, going after the Jiangxi. Gizmo and Elle go after him as well.

Sam places talisman on Jiangxi

Forcing himself to be brave, Sam was able to place a talisman on a Jiangxi's forehead.

Sam and Elle grab the Jiangxi's attention, so Radish is able to grab Theodore. The Jiangxi begin to chase them, while Gizmo calls for Radish's attention so they can take care of a few as well. Sam places a talisman on one of the Jiangxi, which makes it freeze, but he is approached by some more. Working as a team, Elle and Sam manage to place more talismans on the Jiangxi while Radish and Gizmo throw carrots at the monsters, which also allows them to place talismans on their foreheads. Eventually, all Jiangxi have talismans on their foreheads, after which Sam invites Radish to join them on their adventure. Radish asks Theodore and says that they are both in.

Sam, Elle, Gizmo, and Radish all walk until they reach the end of the forest and look down upon Ghost City. Sam is excited that his grandfather's directions were correct, but Elle gives Sam the credit he deserves for getting them through the forest.

Children make it to Fengdong

The children finally made it to Fengdong, which Elle found underwhelming.

As Sam, Radish and Elle walk with Gizmo, the latter recognizes Fengdong, which is the Ghost city, which Sam says is only a quick stop along the way to finding the key to the Valley of Jade.

As the children walk through Ghost City, Riley's ship approaches as well. Riley tells his mogwai to go because he knows the key is around there somewhere.

Gizmo guides the group, but they are all surprised when they see Greene's mogwai approaching them and starting to create chaos all over the place. Sam and Elle are very confused as to how they were approached by the mogwai, realizing that Greene may be there as well. Sam realizes that they only needed to wait until sunrise and sees Gizmo moving away discretely. Gizmo finally makes it to a clearing, followed by Sam, Radish and Elle. Gizmo starts to sing, which makes a portal open, so they all walk inside. One of Greene's mogwai sees this and tries to follow them, to no avail.

Walking through the spiritual city

As the children walked through the city, they were very surprised.

Sam, Elle, Radish and Gizmo see many different creatures inside the portal. Elle says that the place is creepy. Radish is delighted when his radish comes to life, introducing herself as Theodora. Gizmo calls out and points to a statue. Gizmo looks for someone, who he is told is in the tavern. Many creatures approach, surprised to see a mogwai, so the children start running.

Elle, Sam, Radish and Gizmo make it into a tavern, where they are followed00 by c00reatures that want Gizmo. However, they are protected by a woman, who Gizmo greets happily. She introduces herself as Nuwa, calling herself the goddess of creation.

Meeting Nuwa

Nuwa introduced herself as the goddess of creation and was able to communicate with Gizmo.

Nuwa asks if the Valley of Jade is okay, talking with Gizmo who she is able to understand perfectly. She tells Gimzo that he has always been too kind to humans. Nuwa tells Sam that she can understand Gizmo, while Elle asks Nuwa to get them to the Valley of Jade. Nuwa refuses, saying that she would not allow humans to go to the Valley of Jade. Nuwa says that she would send Gizmo back to his home, opening a portal, telling them that she would not help the humans.

Gizmo is sad to be leaving Sam as both of them share one last hug. Elle also gets a hug, but she uses the hug in order to spill Nuwa's drink so as to distract her and be able to run into the portal. However, she is dragged back and both her and Sam are held by Nuwa.

Gizmo refuses to go in the portal

Gizmo refused to go inside the portal Nuwa created.

Elle and Sam fight, while Nuwa tells Gizmo to go through the portal. However, he refuses to do so. Nuwa tells him to go, wondering if he would really give up going home for Elle and Sam. Gizmo responds that he would give it up, so Nuwa tells him that Elle only cares about the treasure and Sam, his family. Nuwa tells Elle and Sam that she would have liked not to have created humans.

Nuwa explains that a long time ago, her brother and her argued about humans. Nuwa say them as fairly good, but the mogwai were created as tests. However, in the end, the humans broke the rules that were layed out for them. Nuwa stopped the test before Chine was destroyed and so created the Valley of Jade. After her explanation, Sam and Elle don't defend themselves, but Gizmo does it for them.

Riley demands that he be handed over the mogwai

Riley demanded that he be handed over the mogwai.

Looking up, Nuwa sees Greene's mogwai. Sam says that they did not break all of the rules, as Nuwa says that she would need to clean up their mess. However, she realizes that her magic is not working and starts feeling bad after drinking a bottle. Greene's mogwai attack Sam and Elle as Riley tries to enter the tavern. Riley tells her to hand over the mogwai.

Evil mogwai chaos

The evil mogwai started wreaking havoc all over town.

The mogwai wreak havoc across town while Riley tells Elle to hand over the mogwai, saying he will forgive her if she does. Inside the tavern, Nuwa, Gizmo, Sam, and Elle hide from them. Nuwa complains that if Elle had not tried to go inside the portal, then she would not be poisoned and Gizmo would be safe at home. Elle fights off the rogue mogwai while Radish shows up, saying that he thought he and Theodora should warn them that Greene and the rest of the mogwai were there.

The evil mogwai keep attacking Sam and Elle, so Sam lights a fire, which scares off the rest of the mogwai. Riley still waits outside, telling his mogwai to wait until the poison takes effect because he prefers to win when he fights. However, when he sees that his mogwai are scared because of the fire Sam lit, he goes inside the tavern. He asks where his mogwai, the goddess and the children are. He believes he found Sam, but is surprised to see Radish there instead, who he shoots at in order to push him away.

Group flees from fox spirits

The group was forced to run from fox spirits.

Sam, Elle, Gizmo, and Nuwa walk away from the bar while a fox spirit looks at them and tells her crew that since a mogwai was on the loose, and Nuwa was too weak to protect it, they should go after it. Elle helps Nuwa walk as the goddess complains. However, she tells them that Gizmo is in danger, so they need to go to the Bagua room in order to find someone there who can send Gizmo home. They see a fox spirit, so Nuwa says that they need to go. However, Sam stops to greet them, only to be chased by them, so they are forced to leave as soon as possible, pulling Nuwa on a wagon.

As they move, an explosion occurs. Elle tells Sam to give her the box while he takes Gizmo in order for her to work as bait. Sam runs with Gizmo as fast as possible, but he is still being chased by other creatures. Gizmo and Sam realize that they can smell Gizmo, so the mogwai rubs himself with fish in a cart, which Sam pulls. With the cart, they are able to cloud Gizmo's smell and they are able to move freely.

Riley fights fox spirits

Riley was forced to fight off the fox spirits when Elle diverted them towards him.

Elle is still pushing Nuwa, who still complains that Elle only wants to go to the Valley of Jade for treasure. Elle stops and runs into Riley, who says that she could still be somewhat forgiven. She realizes that she is still being chased by the fox spirits, so she runs away from them, telling Nuwa that she would introduce two monsters to each other. Riley sees her approaching and tells his mogwai to block her. However, Elle pulls away, which makes the spirits unable to divert in time, and so they run into the mogwai and Riley, who begins to shoot at them.

Gizmo happily rides the fish cart Sam grabbed until they make it to the Bagua room. However, outside, Sam is saddened by the fact that he will have to leave Gizmo. Elle and Nuwa reveal that they made it in time as well. Sam and Elle drag Nuwa, which makes them forget Gizmo, whose cart begins to move backward. It turns out the cart was a fish who wants to eat Gizmo, so Sam and Elle rush to help. Sam hurries and throws poison into the fish's mouth, which makes it let Gizmo go. They push it into the river and celebrate.

Nuwa tells Sam and Elle that they are stupid because they pushed a river spirit into the river. which is the source of its power. The fish jumps up and heads straight for Gizmo, so Elle throws herself and pushes Gizmo out of the way, saving him, but making the fish eat her instead. Nuwa kills the spirit and Sam sees Elle, whose pulse is weak and is not breathing. Nuwa says that there is nothing that any human could do for her.

Celestial administrator helps Elle

The Celstial Administrator helped bring Elle back to life.

A man called Administrator opens the door and sees Elle lying on the floor, so Nuwa tells him to help her out. The man takes out some ingredients as Sam cries for her friend. He says that he has a special magic ingredient which he takes out and uses in order to help Elle, who wakes up. Gizmo and Sam are happy to see Elle is okay; the first thing she asks is if Gizmo is okay, which Nuwa says had surprised her.

Evil mogwai laugh outside and join Riley as he makes his way to the Bagua room. Nuwa closes the door and tells Administrator to prepare a portal to the Valley of Jade. She tells Sam and Elle that they would be going through the portal as well. Nuwa tells them to try not to mess everything up as she hands them passports, mentioning that she would be trying to hold them off as much as possible. Everybody tells her to go with them, but she refuses, saying goodbye to Gizmo.

Children amazed by Valley of Jade

The children were amazed at how beautiful the Valley of Jade is.

In the Valley of Jade, Gizmo, Sam, and Elle are amazed as how beautiful it is. Sam wishes his grandfather was there to see it, while Gizmo wishes Nuwa was there. Elle tells them not to get worried, since things were okay after she had died.

Gizmo, looks down and runs up to a friend of his, who is excited to see him. They run off to find the other mogwai, while Sam and Elle follow closely behind. The other mogwai are excited until they see Sam and Elle, who scare them. However, Gizmo tells them that the humans are okay and the mogwai approach them. After that, Gizmo starts to sing along with the other mogwai, making all the plants glow.

Elle holds knife of creation

Elle held the knife of creation, saying that she would create treasure with it.

Gizmo plays with his friends as Sam and Elle watch. However, Elle tells Gizmo that she would really like some treasure in order to live a good life. She sees a knife buried in a rock, which she pulls out. Sam recognizes it as Nuwa's creating knife, so Elle decides that with it, she would create gold. Once she creates a golden butterfly, Sam puts the knife back, saying that mortals should not play god. Gizmo hands Elle a rock, which she recognizes as jade, which excites her. Sam reminds her that she promised that she would help out with his parents, which Elle says that she remembers.

Gizmo is sad that Sam and Elle are leaving; Sam and Elle say that they would miss him as well. Sam wonders if they could visit sometime, but Elle says that they probably could not. Gizmo beckons them over and places some paint on their face, saying that he would always be with them. All three of them hug, but are interrupted when a mogwai is scared by Riley's evil mogwai.

Riley floats down to Elle, Sam, and Gizmo, revealing that he had swallowed Nuwa, taking all her knowledge in the process. Riley also mentions that he originally intended to take all the mogwai in order to sell immortality, but he realized that the valley held just than just the mogwai, looking at the knife.

Sam faces Riley

As Sam held the knife up towards Riley, the latter taunted him.

Gizmo and Elle are attacked by evil mogwai, but Sam manages to avoid them and grabs the knife, telling Riley to stand back. Riley says that the knife is dangerous, but Sam remembers his grandfather and knows that he could protect the mogwai. Riley taunts him, showing Sam his parents and telling him that the knife is very dangerous to use. Sam is now confused, worried about his parents as Elle tells him that it was a lie and he could use it.

Since he hesitates, Sam has the knife taken away from him by Riley, who says that he now only needed a taste of eternal life. He takes a mogwai and swallows him, declaring himself immortal. Elle and Sam exclaim in horror while Riley's eyes glow full of color.

Sam apologizes to Elle

Sam apologized to Elle for not having used the knife.

Sam wakes up startled, asking where his parents and Gizmo were. Elle tells him to look down towards the center of the Valley of Jade where he sees the evil mogwai play bowling with Gizmo as the ball. Elle complains that Sam did not even try to create anything while holding the knife, but Sam says that he did not know what to do, apologizing.

Riley flies up to Sam and Elle. Elle is tired of listening to Riley, asking him to kill her, but he says that he would not, as he is now a god and she is irrelevant. He mentions he has a present for Sam, telling him that he could not have done it without him, throwing his parents back at him, saying goodbye.

Sam apologizes to Fong and Hon, saying that he should have never left and admitting failure. He cries as his parents hug and comfort him. Elle makes a sarcastic comment, to which Fong responds by yelling at her, saying they do not like her, but Sam tells her to stop as she had saved his life. Elle says that they have to go and help Gizmo, so she calls out to the evil mogwai and distracts them from their attention. Elle heads down, followed by Sam, Fong, and Hon.

The evil mogwai start dancing and singing together, which surprises Elle, Sam, Fong and Hon. Sam mentions this is strange behavior, which probably indicates something is wrong. Riley turns around and Claw throws herself at him, hugging him. A mogwai tells Riley to allow himself to accept love, since he had always wanted a hug. However, Claw bites him, followed by some other mogwai. Riley frees himself, saying that he is the most powerful being and they would never win by brute force.

Elle tries to grab her mogwai friend, but Claw pushes him into the portal and closes it behind her, leaving Sam, Fong and Hon trapped with her in the Valley of Jade.

Claw holds Gizmo

Claw held Gizmo as her prisoner.

Fireworks go off in Shanghai as everybody celebrates the Chinese New Year. However, the celebration is interrupted by the portal Riley opens through which many evil mogwai fall. The mogwai cause chaos all over the city as Claw jumps into town with Gizmo with the knife of creation in her mouth. Gizmo tickles her belly, causing her to laugh, but Claw regains control and uses the knife to help the mogwai cause even more chaos.

Gizmo forced to dance

As Claw's prisoner, he was forced to dance.

At Madame Claw's which is full of mogwai playing cards and music, Gizmo is being kept by Claw. Elle walks into the bar while Gizmo attempts to threaten Claw, but he is forced to dance when she shows him the knife of creation. Gizmo tries to run away and is put in a cage by Claw, being forced to dance.

Elle attacks the mogwai at Madame Claw's, which confuses Claw. She begins to use the knife of creation while Elle walks up to Gizmo, releasing him from his cafe. However, she is pushed into the middle of Madame Claw's where she is attacked by Claw. Sam, Fong and Hon use bright lights to distract Claw and the rest of the mogwai, which allows Elle to grab Gizmo and run with him. Sam walks up to Gizmo and Elle, telling his mogwai friend that he would never leave him again.

Huge Claw

Desperate to get Gizmo back, Claw made herself enormous so she could destroy Shanghai to get him back.

Sam tells Elle that they should steal the knife of creation back so they could turn all the bad mogwai into good ones. Elle says that she agrees, so her, Sam and Gizmo declare that they would do it for Nuwa. Sam manages to knock Claw down, but she takes the knife back and uses it to become enormous. She starts attacking everyone as Sam, Gizmo and Elle leave Madame Claw's.

Sam, Hon, Elle, and Gizmo uncover Fong, who had saved Elle's life. She is weak, but okay, so Elle says that they should go as they are searched for. Elle thanks Fong for saving her life, but the latter mentions she only did it so she would become a better person. Sam says that they could now move on to step four of his plan, which involved stealing back the clay knife.

Claw searches for Gizmo as she imagines both of them living a romantic life together and even getting married. She calls out for Gizmo, who is still hiding.

Gizmo tells Sam that he could be bait for Claw, which he says could work, so that they could grab the knife back. Sam mentions that that had happened before, which shocks Hon. Sam says that Nuwa had used the knife in order to turn them back into good mogwai, but Elle says that Nuwa was a god. However, Sam says that they were the only ones that knew what to do. With that said, Sam asks Hon and Fong to go back home, as Elle hands them a whistle they could blow if they got into trouble.

Claw holds on to the knife, as Sam, Elle and Gizmo watch her. As they are about to start their plan in order to get the knife back, however, Claw swallows it. Sam says that he could make a laxative, but Elle suggests tricking her into eating explosives. As they talk, Gizmo leaves and throws himself into Claw's mouth, causing her to choke.

Gizmo sees the knife stuck to one of Claw's teeth and attempts to reach for it, but is attacked by evil mogwai inside Claw's mouth. Claw burps them out and Gizmo manages to grab the knife. Sam runs across the city looking for Gizmo. However, when he finally reaches his friend, he sees that Riley has his friend in his arms and the knife in his mouth. Elle complains, but told that they could not possibly stop a god.

Riley opens up bright portal

After getting the knife back, Riley created a portal to Tahiti, which shone a painful bright light for the mogwai.

As Elle and Sam rush towards Riley, he uses the knife to grow his hands back. Gizmo bites him in order to escape from his hands. As Riley begins to declare himself a god, Claw sneaks up from behind him and grabs him. Riley congratulates her for her boldness, saying that he would fulfill her dream of seeing the world, but she refuses, crushing him. However, Riley opens up a portal to Tahiti, which shines a bright light and causes all the mogwai excruciating pain.

Riley killed by knife

Riley was killed by the knife when he turned himself into a cockroach.

Elle keeps provoking Riley, saying that he was crushing them to death with them, but that it might be better for him to say "hug me, daddy." Sam says that if he does not have perfect focus, he could do something wrong. As Riley tortures them, they keep taunting him. When Riley uses the knife, they keep telling him not to think of turning himself into a cockroach and Gizmo joins them. Riley spits out the magical pearls he had swallowed with people in them and he turns into a cockroach, which is killed by the knife falling back to the ground.

Evil mogwai approach Sam, Elle, and Gizmo. Sam wields the knife and is given a look of confidence by his friends. Sam concentrates and uses the knife, which sends out a big shockwave, turning all the evil mogwai into their normal selves.

Gizmo allowed to return

Gizmo was allowed to return to Sam and his family by Nuwa.

Nuwa says goodbye to Sam, calling for Gizmo, who says goodbye to Elle. Sam approaches Gizmo and mentions that they could go back to their normal lives, even though he would be missing their adventures. As Gizmo approaches the portal, he turns around one last time and says goodbye sadly. Nuwa asks Gizmo if he really does not want to leave Shanghai and allows him to go back to Sam, saying that she would trust humanity once again and would not be returning if it does not go well.

At the Wing Family Medicine shop, Sam and Elle work as Hon and Fong mention that they would probably end up working for the children someday. Gizmo watches happily as Sam's grandfather asks who could help him with deliveries.


Gizmo was first heard when struggling inventor Randall Peltzer came to New York City's Chinatown, particularly Mr. Wing's Shop, to find his son Billy a Christmas present and he attempted to showcase his invention The Bathroom Buddy, only to hear him making noises from a far part of the shop, luring him to his cage where he sang to him a soft melody. Smitten by the little Mogwai, Randall tried to persuade Mr. Wing in taking him home for $200, though Mr. Wing said no, he said that he won't sell the Mogwai at any price, even if it was the money he and his grandson needed very badly. However, his grandson disobeyed his grandfather's warnings by selling Gizmo to Randall by the curb and informed him of not exposing him to light (especially sunlight) and water, and to never feed him after midnight.

The next day, Gizmo was presented to Billy by Randall in their home in Kingston Falls after a rough day at the bank he was working at. It was only after Lynn, Randall's wife and Billy's mom tried to take a picture of the two with Billy's dog Barney (Woof-Woof as Gizmo would call him) with flash photography that Randall informed the family the rules of caring for a Mogwai. In spite of accidentally blinding Gizmo with light reflected from a mirror, then Billy got along with him really well.

The rules otherwise, were observed when Billy's friend Pete Fountaine accidentally spilled water from a paintbrush jar on him the following day, and it caused him to breed 5 puff balls that grew into Mogwais, one of which being the eventual antagonist Stripe. It became clear from the first day the newly-spawned Mogwais were not like Gizmo in terms of personality as Stripe spat at Gizmo mercilessly. Right after an incident that left Barney tangled in Christmas porch lights and being sent away for a few days, then the first batch tricked Billy into feeding them past midnight by gnawing on a wire on his alarm clock and they greedily ate all the chicken drumsticks that he offered to them, Gizmo, on the other hand, simply refuses one.

The next morning, Gizmo saw some cocoons that were left by the ill-will Mogwais and in horror, he known that something bad will happen, and it really started to show as they hatched into Gremlins a few hours later, Then they tied him up on Billy's darts board, and they shot multiple darts at him, and then they send him down into a laundry chute where Billy eventually found him after four of the Gremlins were dealt with by him and Lynn. Then they found Stripe in the local YMCA and they watched in horror as Stripe dived into the pool, forming a large army of Gremlins destroying Kingston Falls.

After local authorities dismiss Billy's warnings, they later rescued Billy's girlfriend Kate Peltzer who was trapped by the Gremlins at the local Irish pub bar she was working at and was forced to serve them that night, and the trio sought refuge in the devastated bank. Shortly after realizing the Gremlins were no longer outside, they soon find them inside the movie theater watching Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (the 1937 Disney cartoon film) and made a fiery explosion that killed all but Stripe (who left the vicinity earlier). Realizing Stripe was left, they tracked him further into the Montgomery Ward, and initially Gizmo had to stay with Kate while she attempted to turn on the lights to blind Stripe; tired of being helpless for the most part, however, he quickly slips out to help Billy and made a toy car to drive in and find Billy who was being cornered and attacked by Stripe. By the time he reached the greenhouse, Stripe was about to spawn new Gremlins when he opened the blinds to a hidden window, killing off Stripe.

Afterwards, Mr. Wing arrives at the Peltzer house to reclaim Gizmo, scolding Randall for being so careless in looking after the Mogwai but informs Billy that he will take care for him again when he is ready before leaving.

Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Six years have passed since the Gremlin attack in Kingston Falls, and Gizmo has lost Mr. Wing six weeks after the latter refused to sell his shop in New York's Chinatown to Clamp Industries who were planning to build a China-inspired multipurpose complex. Just as he is mourning, demolition on the shop was already starting, and Gizmo barely escaped the shop's destruction, only to be captured by curious scientists working for the science company Splice O' Life which is located in Clamp Tower.

Coincidentally, that is where his previous owner Billy and now fiancee Kate are working at, so when Billy inquired a delivery man about Gizmo's singing, he immediately rescued him from being experimented on by Dr. Catheter, Martin and Lewis. However, Gizmo's curiosity allowed him to slip away from Billy's watch and explore the tower, only for him to got soaked by a broken water fountain and spawn four black and white furred Mogwai, namely George, Lenny, Daffy, and the initial leader Mohawk (who's actually the reincarnated vengeful Stripe) like the previous batch in the first film, they bullied Gizmo badly, especially Mohawk, stuffed him in an air duct (which explains why Daffy was picked up by Kate by mistake) and later trapped him inside an air vent after they became Gremlins.

As the Gremlins started multiplying and causing chaos in Clamp Tower, Mohawk tortured Gizmo endlessly as a payback of his death as Stripe in the previous film, but after mistreating Gizmo for too long, he drank a spider formula and became a spider-Gremlin hybrid before trapping Kate and Marla Bloodstone in a spider web. He was about to finish them off when Gizmo, now angry at him for 'pushing him too far' as Billy later notes, shows up and kills him with a flaming makeshift arrow. After most of the Gremlins were killed at the end (one survived as a female Gremlin by the end) Gizmo, Billy and Kate finally reunited and settled down in New York for good.


  • Bilingualism - Being taken care of by Sam Wing and under influence of Billy Peltzer, Gizmo knows how to speak Cantonese and English.
  • Creativity - Gizmo is creative enough to craft a bow from a paperclip and rubber band along with using a lighted matchstick as a flaming arrow.
  • Driving - From watching television, Gizmo learnt how to drive a car.
  • Archery - Gizmo is skilled at using a bow which he was able to fire an arrow with great accuracy.


Mr. Wing

3593870266 3005350ca5 o2

Gizmo grieves the death of Mr. Wing.

Mr. Wing was Gizmo's owner and caretaker. Although Mr. Wing was very strict with him, Gizmo loved Mr. Wing very much. When Gizmo was sold to Randall Peltzer by Mr. Wing's grandson, who had tricked his grandfather, Mr. Wing appeared to be disappointed, being that the Gremlins novel suggests that his grandson had been in huge trouble after Mr. Wing discovered what he had done. Mr. Wing eventually tracked down Gizmo at the Peltzer family home in Kingston Falls, shortly after a gremlin attack had taken place, and returned him to his home in Chinatown.

Gizmo was sad about this, but also happy, because he missed Mr. Wing, but knew it would be hard leaving his new family. Gizmo and Mr. Wing did have different philosophies on many things, such as their opinions of television, but they do still care for each other, and Gizmo was obviously saddened by Wing's death, being that he was seen grieving over the death of Mr. Wing shortly after it happened.

However, Wing had let Gizmo out of his cage just moments before his death, much to Gizmo's relief, being that soon after the small junk shop Mr. Wing owned had been destroyed. After Wing's death, Gizmo had ended up in the hands of some evil scientists, but he was rescued by his former owner, Billy, who ended up taking over as his owner and caretaker, something that Mr. Wing had hinted at happening once Billy was ready.



Gizmo and Stripe's rivalry as shown in the video game "Stripe vs. Gizmo".

Gizmo discovered that he had spawned Stripe and his friends, and they had never gotten along since then. Their rivalry was first seen when Stripe spat at Gizmo, the Peltzer family's dog Barney was tied up with Christmas lights outside, when Stripe tricked Billy into feeding him and the other Mogwai that had been spawned after midnight, Gizmo was trying to warn Billy, although it proved ineffective, after Stripe and the other Mogwai hatched into gremlins, they tortured Gizmo, Stripe even pinned Gizmo to Billy's dartboard and threw darts at him, along with the other gremlins. Gizmo then joined forces with Billy and his girlfriend Kate to defeat the gremlins.

Kate and Billy were able to blow up the movie theater in which the gremlins were hiding, although Stripe had escaped. When Billy and Stripe went head-to-head in the nearby concessions store, Billy seemed doomed after Stripe wandered into the fountain in the store and began to spawn thousands of more gremlins. Gizmo was able to come to the rescue.

After Gizmo sees that the sun was out and knowing that it's light was lethal to both mogwais and gremlins, he jumped in a Barbie car and drove towards the greenhouse, it seemed to be fate, however, when Gizmo crashed and flew into the air, right where a string hung that would pull open a tarp that would expose the sunlight from the hidden window to the plants and Stripe. Before Stripe could fire at Gizmo Gizmo has an epiphany that reflects his violent attitude of himself and leaves the work to Billy, who pulls open the blinds exposing Stripe to sunlight, thus; melting him Stripe seems to like beer and candy and is also the leader of the gremlins and the final gremlin to die.

Randall Peltzer

Randall Peltzer was the man who had "bought" Gizmo and given him to his son, Billy, as a Christmas present, Gizmo appeared to learn to trust Randall, although frightened by him at first, this is especially seen when Randall's wife, Lynn, attempted to take a picture of Gizmo, although the camera had flashed, terrifying Gizmo, who jumped out of Billy's lap and clung to Randall, who he probably believed could protect him, Randall also seemed fascinated by the new Mogwai that Gizmo had spawned, much to the little Mogwai's annoyance, Randall did appear saddened by the departure of Gizmo when Mr. Wing took Gizmo back to Chinatown. Randall was also the one to give Gizmo his name.

Billy Peltzer

Gremlins scene 02

Billy and Gizmo.

Billy Peltzer was the owner of Gizmo in the first film. Gizmo and Billy had gotten along instantly, and even when Gizmo spawned the new gremlins, Billy seemed to care for Gizmo the most. When the gremlins hatched, Billy returned to his house to search for Gizmo after saving his mother from a group of malicious gremlins who had savagely attacked her and left her scarred and bearing several minor injuries. At first, Billy believed Gizmo to be dead, however, Gizmo proved to be okay, with only a few very minor cuts. Gizmo then accompanied Billy to help find Stripe, only to find that the evil gremlin had already broken into the Kingston Falls YMCA and jumped into the swimming pool, spawning hundreds of more gremlins.

Billy and Gizmo had then gone to try and convince the Kingston Falls sheriff, Frank, and his partner, Brent, to help them, although they did not believe them (soon after they discovered this was true after seeing that Ruby Deagle had been murdered by the gremlins) Gizmo then accompanied Billy to help save his girlfriend, Kate, from the local pub (Dorry's Tavern) from gremlins, most of whom were drunk. After escaping, the three of them snuck into the local movie theater and blew it up, killing all of the gremlins but one, Stripe. During the final confrontation in a nearby department store between Billy and Stripe, Gizmo came to the rescue when he pulled open the tarp that was blocking a window, which concealed morning sunlight that would kill Stripe, and Gizmo saved Billy, killing Stripe. Soon after, Gizmo's original owner, Mr. Wing, came to reclaim Gizmo and return him to his original home in Chinatown, much to Billy's sadness. Upon his departure, Gizmo's last words to Billy were, "Bye, Billy".

Gizmo's obvious affection for Billy causes Mr. Wing to tell Billy that someday he may be ready to care for Gizmo who will wait for that day. Years later, the two were reunited when Gizmo had been captured by evil scientists in a science lab in Clamp Center. Billy had been working there and rescued Gizmo.

When Billy left Gizmo in his desk drawer to go out with his boss, Marla, Gizmo jumped out, curious and longing to explore. He was sprayed by water from a broken drinking fountain, however, spawning new Mogwai who trapped Gizmo in the ventilation shaft. Billy had told Kate, who worked in the building with him, to pick Gizmo up, however, she took the wrong Mogwai, whose name was Daffy. Gizmo had eventually fallen out of the shaft and had been tortured by the Mogwai, specifically Mohawk, the leader. Gizmo went on to defeat the other gremlins with Billy and the other humans and then moved in with Billy and Kate, who were supposedly wed soon after.


Gremlins scene 19

Barney watches Gizmo leave with Mr. Wing.

Barney (the Peltzer family's dog) appeared to be somewhat jealous of Gizmo, although Gizmo had instantly liked him. The two found a curious interest in one another, especially Gizmo, who referred to Barney as "Woof Woof".

Barney and Gizmo both appeared to dislike Stripe and the other Mogwai, however, as Gizmo was seen playing with Barney when Billy first showed his father the new Mogwai that Gizmo had spawned.

Barney also showed up right after Gizmo had killed Stripe. Gizmo appeared to care about Barney, and he even said goodbye to "Woof Woof" when Mr. Wing came to take him back to Chinatown, something he said to only one other character, Billy.

Kate Beringer

Gremlins2 scene 18

Kate holds Gizmo as Mr. Clamp talks to Billy about making Gizmo merchandise.

Kate first saw Gizmo when Billy rescued her from the gremlins attacking Dorry's Tavern, which she had been working in at the time. She was terrified of him at first because she thought he was a gremlin, however, Billy helped her adjust to Gizmo. She even held him. When Billy went after Stripe in the department store, Kate had been ordered to find the room in which all the lights in the building were controlled. She brought Gizmo with her because Billy trusted her, so Gizmo obviously trusted her, too.

Kate seemed somewhat sad when Mr. Wing took Gizmo with him back to Chinatown. When Billy found Gizmo soon after, in the Clamp Tower, in which he and Kate had been employed, Billy told Kate that he had found Gizmo, which obviously terrified her, as she started to freak out. She begrudgingly went to his office and got "Gizmo", although she soon after discovered that the Mogwai she had brought home was Daffy, one of the new Mogwai accidentally spawned by Gizmo, who had been trapped in the air duct by Mohawk and his other followers. When Kate discovered this, Billy and she had to use a cover-up to get Mr. and Mrs. Futterman out of their apartment so that they could return Daffy to Clamp Tower and find Gizmo.

Eventually, Kate and Billy's boss, Marla had been trapped by Mohawk, who was now a spider gremlin after drinking a strange chemical in Dr. Catheter's lab. Kate and Marla's lives had been threatened by Mohawk, who had trapped them in his spider web, however, Gizmo came to the rescue and killed Mohawk, saving Kate and Marla. After that, Kate was seen carrying Gizmo around in his little box and had learned to accept him, because Gizmo moved in with her and Billy, who were supposedly wed soon afterward.


Claw is Gizmo's enemy in the series during the Gremlin's riot in the 1920s China. Later she turns out to be in love with him. Though Gizmo doesn't share this attidude and helps his friends against the Gremlins.


Mohawk is Gizmo's enemy in the second movie. Mohawk was the third Mogwai to be spawned when Gizmo was sprayed by a broken water fountain. Mohawk then climbed out of the trash can he landed in and then started to approach Gizmo, with George and Lenny following. They then stuffed Gizmo in the air vent, where they then left and escaped to the food court and ate after midnight, forming cocoons soon afterward. Soon after hatching, Mohawk, who was actually a reincarnation of Stripe and wanted revenge against Gizmo for his death in his previous life, found the mogwai wandering around where the gremlins had hatched and began to torture Gizmo by:

  • Physically beating him
  • Shocking him with an electrical wire
  • Putting him in a photocopier
  • Putting Velcro strips on him, then ripping them off.
  • Ramming him with a toy train

Afterwards, Mohawk then went to the Splice O' Life laboratory, where he tried to kill Billy with an Uzi Machine Gun. After that failed, he then stole a beaker filled with a spider serum. Meanwhile, Gizmo (having been fed up with being pushed around by Mohawk) then began training with a barbell (which sent him through the floor) and a punching bag (which hit him back). Remembering a scene from Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985), he then created a bow out of a large paper-clip and rubber band and an arrow out of a pencil and bottle of white-out. Later, Mohawk (now a spider-gremlin hybrid) was seen approaching Kate and Billy's boss, Marla Bloodstone, who were caught in his web. He was about to kill them when Gizmo popped out of the air vent, wearing a Rambo headband, lighting the bottle of white-out on fire, and shot Mohawk, setting him and his web on fire. Then, Billy and Murray Futterman showed up and saved Kate, Marla, and Gizmo from the flames. Upon seeing Gizmo's new look and attitude, Kate asked what had happened to him, to which Billy replied; "I don't know, I guess they pushed him too far".

Video Games

Gizmo has been a playable character in many video games based on the Gremlins movies. He is the sole playable character in the Gremlins 2 game for the NES and Game Boy. In Gremlins: Unleashed for the Game Boy Color and Gremlins: Stripe vs. Gizmo for the Game Boy Advance, Gizmo is one of two playable characters, the other being Stripe. He is the final boss if the player chooses to play as Stripe. If the player decides to play as Gizmo, Stripe will be the final boss. Gizmo is also the main character and inspiration for the game Gremlins: Gizmo, which was released November 18, 2011.

Gizmo was added as a playable character in Year 2 of Lego Dimensions in a team pack alongside Stripe.

Gizmo would later also be added as a playable character during Season 1 of MultiVersus.

Gremlin Invasion

Gizmo also was one of the main characters in the Warner Brothers ride Gremlin Invasion, in which Gizmo accompanied the rider on their quest to defeat the gremlins who had taken over the Warner Brothers studio. The other main characters of the ride were ALF in the Germany location and Beetlejuice in the Australia location.


  • He was never shown to have eaten anything in both movies. However, a commercial that advertised Gremlins Cereal showed Gizmo eating Gremlins Cereal (Hopefully not after midnight). It’s also implied he was eating a candy cane. In the Mountain Dew ad, he takes a sip, but makes a mess.
    • The novel of the first film, however, contradicts the above statement. Gizmo has eaten half an egg roll, rice, broccoli, twice-fried pork scraps, a Milky Way bar, a rubber washer, cardboard, and packing chips.
  • According to the novelization of the first film, the mogwai are a result of genetic manipulations by an alien scientist to create a creature that would evoke good-naturedness and goodwill amongst the galaxy. However, a slight miscalculation caused all but 1 in 10,000 to be mischievous or evil and the transformation mogwai can go through being totally unintended. Only one in ten thousand are gentle and as a result, is hated by their brethren. Also, this previously mentioned mogwai is effectively immortal. As Gizmo is gentle and has a long list of historical figures that have owned him, it is clear that he was this mogwai type. If this mogwai eats after midnight though, he will lose his longevity, becoming a typical gremlin. However, as that was never mentioned in the movie, the credence to this nature of the mogwai/Gizmo is unknown.
    • The novel also states Gizmo knows of two other eternal Mogwai that have been on Earth.
    • Ironically, the trait of mogwai longevity was confirmed in Secrets of the Mogwai.
  • Gizmo has musical talent since he can play a trumpet (that was actually perfect in size for him), knew how to play the electronic keyboard, and sings regularly.
  • The Gizmo puppet used in the first film was not used in the second film, however, the Gizmo puppet used in Gremlins 2: The New Batch was featured on the DVD cover of Gremlins.
  • In the first film, Gizmo spawned five mogwai. However, in the second film, he spawned only four.
  • Originally, Gizmo was supposed to be the Gremlin leader in Gremlins, not Stripe.
  • It is implied Gizmo had spawned Gremlins before the events of Gremlins, as he already seemed to know that Stripe was trouble moments after he spawned him. This was later confirmed to be true in Secrets of the Mogwai.
  • In both films, Gizmo seems to recall what the characters in both movies he watched said, and mimicked the tactics in them.
  • In the first film, in the scene where Billy was showing the cocoons to his mother, the white patch of fur on Gizmo's right eye was then on the left.
  • In Gremlins 2: The New Batch, it is learned that he is a fan of Rambo.
  • Rand was supposedly the one who named him Gizmo according to the first film. However, it was revealed in the animated series which took place way before they met, that the latter already used Gizmo as his name.
    • He possesses another name which is his real one, though it remains unknown and Gizmo was stated to be "close enough".


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