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I'm terribly sorry to say this, ladies and gentlemen, but that looks terrible.
—~Grandpa Fred, (with Mr. Katsuji recording with camcorder) reporting the gremlins are dying by melting into puddles.

Grandpa Fred (real name unknown) was a failed news anchor and the host of Grandpa Fred's House of Horrors, an obscure CCN channel that showed horror movies late at night. He worked in the Clamp Center building.

Gremlins 2

Grandpa Fred went into broadcasting with high hopes of working on news or current affairs. He frequently lamented the frivolous nature of Grandpa Fred's House of Horrors and the low budget set he had to work with, citing the lack of special effects and gimmicks. The best he had at his disposal was a cross-eyed plush puppet named Igor.

He is on good terms with Billy Peltzer, who would often visit him in the studio during breaks and suggest props to try and improve the show. Fred was also taken to wandering around the Retail Concourse and visiting the news stand while still wearing heavy make up and a Dracula costume, which tended to illicit strange looks from other employees and members of the public.

He was first seen introducing  Attack of the Octopus People and he is known to be fearless towards anything, even the gremlins. At one point, he hired a highly active and eccentric Japanese photographer, Mr. Katsuji, to make a TV interview with Brain Gremlin, making a conversation of Brain's speech of the Gremlins' desire to be Civilized.

He was promoted to a high standard by Clamp after the Gremlins were destroyed at the end of the movie.


  • Grandpa Fred was an obvious inspiration from the similarly named Grandpa from the 1960's sitcom The Munsters.
  • The movie that Fred describes as "Attack Of The Octopus People" is in reality an 70's movie called 'Octaman'.
  • In a deleted scene he was shown to be confused and curious of what the gremlins were doing on his show.