The Gremlins helping Grandpa Fred on his show,in a deleted scene

"Now one of these creatures is somehow able to talk, and he's going to talk with us, right now."

-Grandpa Fred

Grandpa Fred Talk Show is made in Clamp Center Building.

When the Gremlins swarmed the Clamp Center, many of the film director's and crew fled the building, leaving almost all the sets unattended. Grandpa Fred, who worked on a kid's program decided to broadcast the Gremlin attack within the building with a tourist called Mr. Katsuji who helped film him. Soon they came across the Brain Gremlin and decided to interview him and they set up a talk show, during the interview Brain tells Fred how he wants himself and the rest of the Gremlins to be civilized.

Gremlins 2 - Fun, but in no sense civilized

Gremlins 2 - Fun, but in no sense civilized

The talk ends abruptly once a Beanie Gremlin annoys the Brain, which ends with the Brain shooting the Beanie in the head with a revolver.

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