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Gremlins (species)
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22 inches/55.88 CM "measured from screen used puppet, 24 inches tall with legs fully extended"


Spawning new gremlins when wet; vulnerable to sunlight


Y'know they're still shippin' them over here. They put 'em in cars, they put 'em in yer TV. They put 'em in stereos and those little radios you stick in your ears. They even put 'em in watches, they have teeny gremlins.

Gremlins are creatures, who are the primary antagonists of the Gremlins franchise. They made their debut in the 1984 film, Gremlins and it's sequel, Gremlins 2: The New Batch. They are based upon the creatures with the same name of old English folklore, as well as tales passed around by American soldiers during World War II.

In both movies, the gremlins have a leader that is smarter than all others. Stripe is the leader in the first movie, while Mohawk is briefly the leader in the second movie (before being replaced by the smarter Brain Gremlin).

History and Biography

A Gremlin is the last stage of the Gremlin life cycle which goes from Mogwai to Cocoon to Gremlin. It is said that the Gremlins are considered to be an unwanted side-effect from when the Mogwai were created on a far-off planet to be used as ambassadors of peace on other planets.

Gremlins in different colors and with different looks.

They are just about one meter tall and they have scaly reptile-like skin, large batlike ears, three sharp claws on their feet and hands and equally sharp teeth. Their looks and color may vary, ranging between various shades and combinations of green, brown, and black. Their intelligence and strength also vary and they are all very mischievous, dangerously violent, and crazily fun-loving. They are capable of working (and sabotaging) complex machinery and devices, as apparent in folklore where they were believed to have brought down hundreds of planes in WWII.

No Gremlin has so far proved to be good-willed and nice, and most of them don't seem to even value the lives of their fellow Gremlins, sometimes beating or even killing each other for fun. Even though they are very energetic and often aggressive, they don't seem to hurt any humans who are not afraid of them. (For example, when Grandpa Fred was doing an inside scoop of what was happening inside the building, not a single gremlin behind him laid a finger on him.) Also, in the deleted scenes when Grandpa Fred was doing his section, George, Lenny, and Daffy were present but didn't try to scare or hurt him, rather joining him for fun.

How new gremlins are born.

Mogwai evolve into gremlins by eating after midnight, even after their metamorphosis, gremlins still retain traits they had as mogwai, such as their dislike of bright lights, their vulnerability to sunlight, and most dangerously their ability to multiply upon getting wet, unlike the mogwai, where small furballs pop out from their backs and quickly inflate to turn into new mogwai, the backs of the wet gremlins get riddled with big blisters that contain small gremlins, which rather quickly break free and start to grow, the gremlins that are giving birth to new gremlins are often more vulnerable than other gremlins because the birthing process is often extremely painful for the creatures, afterwards, they continue to live as if nothing happened, often along with the newly-born gremlins that have quickly grown to full gremlin size. Like mogwai, they can dissolve when exposed to sunlight.


It is unknown whether or not they're omnivorous or carnivorous. However, they don't usually eat food other than candy and other junk food. But while as Mogwai, Stripe and his brothers ate chicken legs, and Mohawk, Lenny, and George ate ice cream. Daffy has eaten corn, but he doesn't like chicken or mashed potatoes. Earl liked eating a sandwich that had lettuce, meat, and possibly cheese as he said, "Yum yum" when he grabbed a sandwich and ate it. Earl also liked the chocolate candy bar that Mr. Hanson gave him. However, Earl did not like the apple that he took a bite out of in Mr. Hanson's office, but he did like eating one of the glass test tubes. They also seemed to like Dr. Catheter's serums from Splice O' Life lab.

Behind the scenes

  • Basically all of the Gremlins in the film series were portrayed on screen by using animatronics and puppetry, as it was the only technique other than stop-motion to bring the creatures to life on screen.
  • The Gremlins are often seen drinking beer, but they don't multiply.
    • There might be several reasons to this.
      • One reason might be that Gremlins and Mogwai can only multiply if they get wet externally not internally.
      • Another reason might be that they can only multiply from coming in contact with normal water anything like Beer or Soda may not trigger their multiplying ability.
  • It is unknown if the Gremlins possess a specific gender. However, it was revealed with the release of Gremlins: Gizmo that at least two female Mogwai have existed: Valerie and Grace.
  • Gremlins are often said to be green, but Gremlins are also shown to be other colors, including brown, yellow, and even black.
  • According to the first novel, the Gremlins have caused many accidents in the past: the Memphis runaway escalators of 1972, the 1969 Super Bowl, the East Coast power failure of November 1965, a lesser known power failure a month later in Texas, New Mexico and Juarez, Mexico, the closing in 1963 of the New York Mirror (a newspaper that could not rid its systems of the Gremlins), the 1962 collision of a runaway train, jet plane, and a seagoing tanker at Danzig, Poland, the Bay of Pigs paramilitary fiasco of 1961, the three day episode at the Onawa, Iowa, buttonhole factory in 1957, countless casualties and incidents during WWII, and the disappearance of Vansk which was, until 1936, the largest city in Siberia.
  • In contrast to Mogwai, most Gremlins seem to love wearing clothing - even if they have no real sense of style.