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The cereal box cover

Gremlins Cereal was a cereal based on the movie Gremlins. The cereal's taste was similar to Cap'n Crunch. It was discontinued after the movie left theaters. The cereal had a sale of Gizmo plush figures for $9.95 including two purchases of the cereal. The cereal is sweetened. The cereal was under copyright by the cereal company Ralston.

There was a free sticker in every box as well. There were 11 different ones.


The cereal met positive reviews, voted the favorite cereal of 1980s. However, some people have noted the cereal's similar taste to Cap'n Crunch, a famous cereal made by Quaker Oats Company.

Plush Toy Sales

Gizmo cereal.jpg

During that time, Gizmo plush toys were on sale by mail-delivery. They cost $9.95. You could also get 2 Gremlins Cereal proofs of purchase.

The Commercial

The commercial begins with the narrator saying, "Are you hungry? Hungry as a Gremlin? Here's Gremlins cereal". Then, a chorus sings the lyrics "Gremlins, Gremlins, bite after bite, what a tasty way to satisfy your gremlin appetite" and shows a boy with gremlin-like ears reaching for the milk. It ends with the narrator saying "Gremlins is a deliciously sweet part of a healthy, nutritious breakfast".