Original Stripe figure alongside a bugs bunny figure

This is a list of a collection of merchandise which is based on the Gremlins films. This includes action figures, stuffed animals, bobbleheads, animatronic toys, games, trading cards, lunch boxes and clothing. Most of the toys were created by NECA. They were released around the times of the movies' releases and then re-released in 2010, 2011 and 2012 to promote a possible Gremlins 3. A replica of a screen-used gremlin from the second film will also be released, although there are only 1000 available worldwide. In 2010-2012 NECA and Kubrick also released Lego or Mega Blok like action figures. But they only comes in Mogwai form so far (except for just one gremlin). 

Action Figures


Below is a complete list of Gremlins toys:

  1. Gizmo (NECA)
  2. Gizmo (sad face)
  3. Stripe (NECA)
  4. Stripe (Mogwai)
  5. Poker-Playing Gremlin (NECA)
  6. Stripe (12-inch doll)
  7. Action Figure 3-Pack (Two variations of Gizmo and one variation of Stripe)
  8. Action Figure 3-Pack (one variation Gizmo, one Variaton of stripe and the Poker-Playing Gremlin)
  9. Gizmo plushie
  10. Gizmo in Barbie Car
  11. Bendable Stripe Figurine
  12. Water Hatchers
  13. Haskins (mogwai)
  14. Santa Hat Gizmo (NECA)

Gremlins 2: The New Batch

  1. Brain Gremlin (NECA)
  2. Mohawk (Gremlin) (NECA)
  3. Brain Gremlin (12-inch) (NECA)
  4. Mohawk (Spider) (NECA)
  5. Gizmo (with red bandana) (NECA)
  6. Daffy (NECA)
  7. Flasher Gremlin (NECA)
  8. George (Gremlin) (NECA)
  9. George (Mogwai) (NECA)
  10. Gizmo (no bandana) (NECA)
  11. Lenny (Mogwai) (NECA)
  12. Mohawk (Mogwai) (NECA)
  13. Gremlin Cocoon (rumored only - assumed to be released some time in 2012)
  14. Greta (NECA)
  15. Generic Brown Gremlin (Neca)
  16. Phantom (NECA)
  17. Electric Gremlin (NECA)
  18. Gremlins: Mogwai and Mohawk Kubrick 2-pack (NECA) and (Kubrick)

Bat Gremlin action figure (NECA)

Stuffed Animals

  1. Gizmo (Plush Head)
  2. Gizmo (Large)
  3. Gizmo (Santa Claus outfit)
  4. Gizmo (Small)
  5. Singing Gizmo
  6. Stripe
  7. Mohawk (Mogwai)


  1. Gremlins: The Game (Board Game)
  2. Gremlins 2: The New Batch (video game)
  3. Gremlins Atari Game
  4. Gremlins Puzzle
  5. Gizmo: The Game (video game)
  6. Gremlins Unleashed (video game)
  7. Stripe Vs. Gizmo (video game)

Wind-Up Toys

  1. Gizmo with box (Go Gizmo, Go!)
  2. Gizmo with Car (Go Gizmo, Go!)
  3. Wind-Up Gizmo



Gizmo doll

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Gizmo furby

The gizmo furby