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Welcome to Gremlins Wiki! This is a community based Wiki. Please consider the following guidelines for editing:


As of 2018, the infoboxes are designed with attached categories. In the past, there were too many categories with multiple variations, such as with the word "gremlins". Since 2018, those categories have been consolidated. Please note the following when developing labels:

  • Please avoid using the labels "deceased" or "survivor". They are redundant labels and categories that clog up the pages. Most of the gremlins in the films had died, and its arguable which ones survived. It is also not necessary to include these labels on humans/people characters, as killing people is not a focal point in the movies.
  • Please avoid using the label "status unknown", another redundant and useless category that frustrates people who want information... No one wants to see "it is unknown."
  • Please avoid using the labels "male" or "female". Gremlins are asexual. Content should be written using the pronoun "it". Avoid using "he"/"she". It is arguable about which gremlins are thought to be female. Greta might be the only "female" type, but again, its arguable—and not worth categorizing males from female. Especially when there is only one (1) gremlin that is arguably female.
  • The above is a segue to avoiding expressions that deal with "cross-dressing". Emphasizing cross-dressing is not required as —in general terms, gremlins are neither male nor female to qualify as "cross-dressing" into anything.
  • Please avoid characterizing people by race, such as "Black actors", "Chinese actors", "Asians". It's not necessary here, and should not be a focal point on this Wiki.
  • Please avoid using the expressions "it is a fact", or "the fact that". There are no facts regarding gremlins, unless you are referring to production notes, or merchandising.

Thanks for your attention to these matters. Please use the Talk Page, if you wish to hash out any of the above points, or want to add something. — Jsosa (talk) 15:18, September 14, 2018 (UTC)


Experienced editors, please consider how the Gremlins concept was formed, in order to present a proper layout and tone for our articles:

The Gremlins concept was originally created and written by Chris Columbus. His story was bought by Steven Spielberg, who had it turned into a script. Joe Dante was put to direct a Gremlins movie, and was given creative control.

Wiki article layout guidelines Introduction focuses on film content. Brief mentions of alternate content can be included (Please indicate from which writer, or its source).

  • Spielberg/Dante's film content

Gremlins 2

  • Haas/Dante's film content


  • Chris Columbus content
  • George Pipe's
    novelization content
    (or an entirely separate article)

George Pipe was asked to create the novelization of Gremlins. Both the movie and the novel were released in 1984. However, Pipe deviated from source material and created an extraterrestrial origins story for the Mogwai. Joe Dante does not consider Pipe’s novel adaption as canon.

The extraterrestrial origins story is exclusively attributed to George Pipe. The original concept by Chris Columbus draws more toward Chinese mythology, exploring more darker tones. Steven Spielberg developed Gremlins to have a lighter mood that would make it more marketable. Joe Dante follows Chris Columbus' script under Spielberg's umbrella, connecting WWII gremlin legends. Joe Dante does not consider Pipe’s extraterrestrial exposé novelization to be canon.

Gremlins Wiki layout. As of 2018, the articles’ tone should capture Spielberg's lighter mood. The Trivia section at the bottom of each page, is where George Pipe's extraterrestrial extravaganza and Chris Columbus dark corners should be. Because Gremlins was originally created by Chris Columbus, additional footnotes and side-notes are encouraged on articles, where appropriate. If there is more interest in Pipe's extraterrestrials, a separate article should be created, dedicated only to the novel's concepts.

Please utilize the Category:Gremlins templates and category:Gremlins infoboxes. Thanks, Jsosa (talk) 16:10, September 14, 2018 (UTC)


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