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Last updated 17 Sept 2018

Game Dice can be found on most character page infoboxes, under the expand option. As of 2018, game options are currently under construction, to become more interactive gameplay.

If you want a more interactive game experience with these pages, please vote on the poll to the right.

To see progress of the interactive gameplay, you can visit my test page here.

Game mechanics

Roll higher to beat

When fighting gremlins, you want your dice roll to be higher than a gremlin’s power trait. If a gremlin’s power trait is 4, any numbers in your dice roll that are 4 and under, will be in the gremlin’s favor, and will thus cause damage rolls (red dice) to incur.

If your roll is higher than the gremlin’s power trait, then you have overcome that gremlin, and thus you avoid any damage rolls (red dice) against you.

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