Don't be afraid of how you feel....!
—Greta kissing Forster.

Greta spawned at Clamp Center in 1990. It appears harmless, but its affinity for some men is quite troublesome. Greta portrays to be in love with Forster and has a bit of a dislike for George. It is also the sole surviving gremlin after all of its fellow gremlins are killed.

Gremlins 2

Greta often brutally attacks other gremlins when they try to hit on it. It portrayed itself as being lovestruck for Clamp Center employee Forster, clinging on to him and forcibly kissing him repeatedly, leaving smooch marks all over his face. It later appears in a dress during the gremlin musical number in the building's lobby. It then reappears at the very end of the film in a wedding dress, apparently preparing to marry Forster in one of the Clamp Center bathrooms. It is the only gremlin shown to have survived.

Forster is initially disgusted by the monstrous Greta, but by the end of the film—when Greta is in its wedding dress and throws him a bouquet of flowers—he gives in to its advances, and shrugs in defeat.


  • A deleted scene depicting George and Greta's meeting exists. George shoves an grapefruit in Greta's mouth, causing Greta to spit it out and slap George across the face (with accompanying bongo sound effects). This is included as an additional scene amongst the special features on the film's DVD release.
  • She appears in the Gremlins 2 game for the Game Boy and is a boss in Stripe vs. Gizmo.
  • She may be the incarnation of the Deagle Gremlin.
  • Her survival might create the story for Gremlins 3.
  • Greta is loosely based on the legendary actress named Greta Garbo (1905-1990).
  • Not to be confused with a same name of the character from "Dragon Tales" (1999-2005) episode "Let's Dance".


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