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As a tie-in with the release of the first "Gremlins" film , th

Hardee's Ad

e fast-food chain Hardee's released five storybook and record sets which told the story of the film. The sets were available for 89¢-99¢ (depending upon region) with the purchase of sandwich, fries and a drink. Manufactured and distributed by Disney's Buena Vista Records, each book is 16 pages (featuring cartoonish artwork) with an accompanying album that runs around 10 minutes long.

The TV commercial for the Hardee's promotion features Gizmo dragging a wagon to Hardee's, ordering a book and meal, then leaving them atop the wagon in a back yard where two little boys are camping. Story 1, "Gift of the Mogwai," chronicles the story from the time Rand arrives in Chinatown until Billy and Gizmo go to sleep on their first night together. Story 2, "Gizmo and the Gremlins," follows Gizmo's offspring from inception to pupa state. Story 3, "Escape from the Gremlins," features Stripe spawning an army that wreaks havoc upon Kingston Falls. Story 4, "Gremlins - Trapped," finds Billy and Kate blowing up a theatre-full of little monsters. Story 5, "The Last Gremlin," features the final showdown between Stripe, Gizmo and Billy.

The sets were originally offered as Hardee's exclusives, but a few years later they wound up on shelves in toy stores. There's no way to differentiate which books came from Hardee's and which came from stores. Nowadays, copies are still relatively easy to find.


TV Commercials 1984

Commercial is between 1:01 to 1:31

These are the book and record titles:

  • Gizmo and the Gremlins
  • Escape from the Gremlins
  • The Last Gremlin
  • Gift of the Mogwai

  • Gremlins - Trapped

Commercial Transcript

The commercial starts with Gizmo dragging a wagon to Hardee's. Then Gizmo is on the counter at Hardee's with a burger, fries and soft drink.

Narrator: There's something special for you kids at Hardee's. With any sandwich, fries, and soft drink, get a Gremlins story book and record for 89 cents plus tax. Collect all 5 of these read-along stories about Gizmo and his friends.

The commercial then goes to two boys in a camp with Gizmo reading the book "Gift of the Mogwai"

Chorus sings the lyrics:

  • He's here in the book. And he's in a record too. Cause you love Gizmo and Gizmo loves you. Now it's Gremlins making Americans sing It's Here, It's All Here At Hardee's.

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