The Hand Puppet gremlin with Igor

"I don't even have a gimmick. No special effects. All I have... is a cross-eyes puppet named Igor."

- Grandpa Fred

Igor is the plush puppet belonging to Grandpa Fred and the puppet's appearance resembles that of a gremlin (somewhat), specifically Daffy.

It is featured in Fred's TV show, in which they show classic horror films, much of which are in black-and-white (something that seems to bother Daniel Clamp, who prefers television in color). Igor does not speak at all in the TV show, but appears to be a very old puppet, and is often covered in dust. During the gremlin invasion of Clamp Center, Igor was also used by the Igor puppet gremlin. It is unknown if Igor was still used (or kept) by Fred after he was promoted to a high standard by Mr. Clamp after the most of the gremlins (except Greta) were destroyed.


  • The puppet's name makes reference to the lab assistant of Dr. Frankenstein in several of the classic Frankenstein movies, most notably in the "Ghost of Frankenstein".
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