Marge, or Microwave Marge, hosts a cooking show on the CCN.

Gremlins 2

She first appears as she is in the middle of a show being filmed in the Clamp Center building, and on the show, when she was telling the viewers how much sherry to use, she said "Some people use a dash, I use a lot". While she was talking, the lights went out, and as the lights returns, he eventually opens a pasta pot and Daffy bursts up from it, covered in noodles, and giggling as it squirts custard at her, whereupon she backs up against a cupboard and it opens, up revealing George. She then turns and spots Lenny who laughs at her while George yanks her hair. She tries to hold them off and then runs off after Lenny and George causes the microwave to explode, whereupon she exclaims "Stay here and die!" Later, she is seen outside the building with a police officer and tells him there are horrible little green monsters in the building.

Near the end of the story she is seen talking to Sheila Futterman about recipes, while the latter's husband Murray Futterman rolls his eyes with disinterest. She had survived the attack and since she was talking to Sheila about cooking, she obviously had not given up on cooking and had most likely resumed her work on the show.

Deleted Scene

Marge in a deleted scene after Lenny catapults two eggs at Marge

There is a deleted scene featuring Microwave Marge and the Vegetable Gremlin. Marge stops at the Vegetable Gremlin, somehow laughs at someone screaming and running from the other gremlins. She picks a vegetable off the Vegetable Gremlin and puts it in her drink (possibly lemonade) and is about to take a sip and then screams as she realizes and runs out of the building. This can be seen on Gremlins 2 DVD on the Deleted Scenes category.

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