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Can I get some help here, please? I'm trapped in some sort of adhesive, polymer material and I'm on deadline!
—Marla Bloodstone, trapped in Mohawk’s web.

Marla Bloodstone is an employee at Clamp Center. She has a habit of massive overreaction, calling the slightest problems nuclear meltdown disasters. She usually wears glasses, is a chain smoker and is also Billy Peltzer's boss. As Billy got a new job as a graphic artist (presumably having lost his former job due to the Kingston Falls bank being destroyed by the gremlins in the first film), he now works for Miss Bloodstone in the design section of the publicity department.

According to a French fan named Johann who reportedly met Joe Dante, Bloodstone is - along with Daffy - the director's favourite character in the film (though this has not yet been independently verified).


Marla Bloodstone is the quintessential power-suited businesswoman of the 1980s and early 1990s. Her grey blazers have padded shoulders and her ankle-length grey skirts each have a long slit up the back of about knee height to show off her nyloned legs. There are, however, subtle changes between her costume on the first and second of the two days in which the film takes place.

On the first day, Marla impresses Daniel Clamp and tries to seduce Billy Peltzer in a form-fitting wraparound suit jacket. Her black blouse may also indicate a darkness within, but her overall appearance suggests that she is more complicated than that.

On the second day, perhaps due to her failure to "get to First Base" with Billy, Marla's outfit is less modest, softer, and slightly more feminine. Her new, double-breasted suit jacket hangs more loosely around her torso and there is no blouse visible beneath it. Her golden wrist-chain (see below) is also absent.

On both days, Marla wears the glasses of the intellectual manager and the high-heeled pumps that are the dress code of women in her position (throughout the film, the more significant a woman's status in the company, the higher her heels tend to be), yet her individual nature is revealed in her jewelry.

Marla wears a showy golden watch on her left wrist which is counterbalanced by a heavy golden chain on her right, giving the visual suggestion that she is a woman in shackles. This prognosticates her later becoming helplessly trapped in the Grider-web of Mohawk, but when coupled with her matching earrings and brooches they reveal something else about her personality. Each brooch is a miniature partial face-mask vaguely reminiscent of the Phantom of the Opera (referenced elsewhere in the film as well): the first day's is golden-brass and includes the eye and upper part of the face, while the second day's is pale ceramic and more broken, including only the nose and mouth. While at first glance appearing to be some questionable art-deco baubles of the '80s, these brooches suggest that there is something deeper to Marla's character which is buried beneath the facade she presents to the world. The dark humour of the film presents itself in Marla by suggesting that there is nothing underneath; that talking about "embossed letterheads" and "swallowing up the publicity department" is her presenting her "vulnerable" side. However, an astute viewer cannot leave completely convinced that that is all there is to Miss Bloodstone; her great tragedy and comedy is also that of Daniel Clamp: adapting to their environment of high capitalism has left him out-of-touch and her all but dead inside. Perhaps the two can find new life together, as they create not a place for mere things but a place for real people.

Maria Bloodstone quotes

Marla Bloodstone has some of the best lines in the franchise; Haviland Morris herself stated in an interview ([1]) that they were what led her to play the "crazy character". However, she delivers them with such...efficiency...that they are often unintelligible even after repeated viewings. Here are the most notable selections:

"Listen: this deadline; it's not my fault. They're making me miserable, so I have to make you miserable. It's a complete homicide-disaster horror-story."


"You see, Billy? This is your problem, right here: you only see your little part of it. I have to have a complete situational long-term overview outlook perspective; it's as simple as that!"


MARLA BLOODSTONE: "That courtyard looks cold. It'll be better with the trees."

BILLY PELTZER: "Are they going to plant trees there?"

BLOODSTONE: "No, but you're going to draw them."

PELTZER: "Yeah, but the way it is now...."

BLOODSTONE (interrupting): "Elms."

(Later, while DANIEL CLAMP is examining the painting)

CLAMP: "Let's, uh, lose those elm trees though, Bill. People see elm, they think Dutch, disease...."

BLOODSTONE and PELTZER (in unison): "Absolutely!"


"It's a nuclear-meltdown disaster, I mean it."


"I have something tonight too, Billy. A brochure, for the Clamp Cable Archery Channel. It's a total suicide trauma red-alert deadline emergency, and you know what? I'm letting it go, to have dinner with you."


MARLA BLOODSTONE: "Now let's talk about your relationship to Mr. Clamp; your access. I see a future, Billy. I see corner offices, embossed letterhead; I see us swallowing up the publicity department."

BILLY PELTZER: "Really? Wow!"

BLOODSTONE: "Gosh, I'm feeling so vulnerable with you, Billy. I've never talked about these feelings before. You know, when art and business join forces, anything can happen."


MARLA BLOODSTONE: "Hello? Is anyone still employed in this charming facility; I need some illumination in my office, NOW!"

CLAMP P.A. AUTOMATED VOICE: "At Clamp Enterprises, we want you to achieve all you can; that's why we're automatically-"

BLOODSTONE: "Then turn on the lights...."

VOICE: "-monitoring the number of keystrokes you type on your computer."

BLOODSTONE *stepping into the Grider (Gremlin-Spider)'s web* : "...And you'd like me to bang away on it in the dark, is that it?" *Turns around, her arms already stuck, and realizes she's caught* "This is new!"


MARLA BLOODSTONE: "Can I get some help here? I'm trapped in some sort of adhesive polymer material and I'm on deadline!" *Sees Kate Beringer approaching.* "Oh! Thank God you're here."

KATE BERINGER: "Well, I could help you, or I could just leave you here."

BLOODSTONE: "Listen. About Billy: nothing happened. I asked him out to dinner, it was strictly business." *Kate's expression reveals she's not buying it.* "Okay, maybe it wasn't totally, completely, absolutely business; I'll be honest with you. It can be a cathartic-openness thing. I did my designs on him; I didn't get to first base."

BERINGER: "It'll do." *She pulls out a Swiss Army Knife.*

BLOODSTONE: "Oh! What a delightfully-prepared young woman you are!" *Once the strands of web which suspend her are cut, she falls to her knees, eyes closed, reveling in her newfound freedom. Then she opens her eyes, sees Mohawk the Grider, and screams.*

Gremlins 2

Marla with Gizmo in a box.

Marla has had an inclination toward business administration all her life; at the age of four she was using her crayons to write memos to the other children. Her aptitude and ambition allowed her to climb the corporate ladder until, in her 30s, she has found herself managing a department designing new location grounds for Clamp.

Marla convinced Billy to date her and Billy somewhat reluctantly agreed, whereupon they went to a Canadian restaurant. While they were there Marla started flirting with him by rubbing her foot on his crotch giving him an erection and as he left she gave him a big kiss on his face which left a big red lipstick mark.

This caused problems for Gizmo and Kate Beringer (the latter accidentally getting Daffy with her home instead of Gizmo and getting upset at Billy). The next day, when Marla mentions about the date to Billy with Kate listening, Kate obviously got angry and told him that he will be in big trouble when the gremlin problem ends.

Near the end of the movie, Marla was seen, glasses in her hand, exasperatedly wandering the halls in search of help due to the failure of her office's lights. Distracted by the building's automated voice and unable to see properly, she then backed right into the Spider Gremlin's massive web and found her arms helplessly stuck, commenting that "This is new."

A later scene showed that Marla was still trapped in Mohawk's spider web and that her attempts to pull free with her high-heeled feet had backfired, for she was now completely suspended off the ground by the gluey fibers. Fortunately her requests for help attracted Kate, who had to decide whether to leave her behind or reluctantly help her. Marla confessed everything, and Kate removed her from the web using a pocket knife, but the two women found themselves cornered by the gremlin Mohawk, who had mutated into a spider gremlin.

Spider-Mohawk was about to kill them until Gizmo (dressed up like Rambo) came in and set Mohawk on fire with a small and flaming arrow... right before Murray Futterman rescued Marla and Kate while Billy rescued Gizmo. Afterwards, when the Gremlins were destroyed by electricity, Marla was seen holding Gizmo in a box.

After Clamp regained control of his business, he made Marla his new public relations manager and possibly showed some romantic interest towards Marla. She is last seen deciding to quit smoking and telling curious people about the gremlin incident.