—Lab Gremlin

Marty and Lewy, the Lab gremlins, spawns at Clamp Center in 1990. They mimicked the twins Martin and Lewis in the Splice O' Life lab. The Lab Gremlins, like the twins, are likely clones.

Gremlins 2

Marty and Lewy witnessed the transformation of both the Brain Gremlin and Bat Gremlin. Then the two Lab Gremlins are briefly seen attacking the two twins, Martin and Lewis, with one on each twin. Along with the most of the Gremlins (except Greta), they were present in the main lobby of the building, and they were killed after getting wet and electrocuted by the Electric Gremlin who was later unleashed out over them.


  • There is a Deleted Scene with this same joke, During the Gremlins invasion and attacking people in the Clamp Center Lobby two Gremlins with the same body type and attire are attacking 2 women who look and dress the same.
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