Microwave with marge

Marge and Gremlin

Microwave With Marge was a cooking television show that aired on the Clamp Cable Network and was presented by a woman named Marge. The show was focused on showing viewers how to quickly and easily prepare meals that could be cooked in a microwave. An episode of the show was being recorded in Studio D at the Clamp Center when the crew were forced to evacuate by a gremlin attack in the kitchen set.


Kate Peltzer had taken a tour group to see the show Microwave with Marge being recorded. During the recording, the lights went out, and they announced they would make an edit.

When Marge opened one of her cooking pots and a gremlin came out, more of the little monsters had begun to appear, and they started throwing cooking equipment into the microwave. Marge announced "Stay here and die!" and they ran. Marge had been terrified, and had been believed to have quit the show. However at the end of Gremlins 2: The New Batch, she was seen talking to Sheila Futterman about cooking, so she had most likely decided to keep cooking on the show afterwards.