Mogturmen is a scientist of an unidentified alien species hailing from the planet Enz and he is the creator of the Mogwai race.


Mogturmen was the scientist that created the mogwai to spread peace and happiness, as well as to stop wars and extinctions on distant planets. The first batch of mogwai were perfect and just as Mogturmen had hoped for them to be. The Galactic Powers ordered the mogwai to be destributed to the planets with sentient life. The first planets that the mogwai were distributed to were Klm-6 in the Porasti Range, Clinpf-A of the Beehive Pollux and the third satellite of MinorSun#67672(Earth). However, due to several miscalculations, the mogwai were weak to light, they could not speak simple languages, were slow creatures, only one in a thousand are "minority" mogwai that are nice, and turned into gremlins if they ate after midnight.


  • According to Gizmo, Mogturmen was severely punished for his miscalculations "by having his..." Gizmo never finished the sentence because something scared him.
  • In the first novel, Mogturmen is a person but in the second novel "Mogturmen" is a race of people.
  • This could be a retcon, or Mogturmen was named after his species.
  • Mogtumen is possible the original of the word "Mogwai".
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