Mr. Anderson is a Kingston Falls citizen who can often be seen around town smoking a pipe.

Gremlins ‘84

When Sheriff Frank tried to get a Christmas tree for free, Anderson remarked that he paid for his tree (implying that he thought that Frank should do the same). Later, he was seen in the bank and after Ruby Deagle forced her way past her to speak with Billy Peltzer about his dog, Barney, who had allegedly destroyed one of her decorative snowmen. He commented on Deagle's threat to put Barney into her spin dryer on high heat that it would probably do the trick to the canine. On the night of Christmas Eve, he tried to put a letter into a mailbox, unaware that the Mailbox Gremlin lurked inside and then the gremlin grabbed his hand and would seemingly unable to let go.

It is unknown whether or not Anderson survived the gremlin encounter or the gremlin attack on the town.

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