Work a camera?, I AM a camera!

Mr. Katsuji is a tourist who visited the Clamp Center withmember Kate Peltzer's Tour Group 2. Katsuji is shown to be rather irritating with his urge to want to take pictures of everything he sees.


Mr. Katsuji was the only tourist who stayed when the set of Microwave With Marge was attacked by the Gremlins George, Lenny and Daffy, and he continued to take pictures, much to Kate's annoyance. She finally convinced him to leave, though, insisting that it was too dangerous and that he had to leave if he wanted to survive.

Later on, he ran into Grandpa Fred who told him to stick with him and be his cameraman while reporting about the gremlin chaos going on inside the Clamp Center, to which Katsuji had no objections to, ultimately ending up filming Fred's interview with the Brain Gremlin and following him around with a camera. After the gremlins had gotten destroyed due to Billy Peltzer's plan, Katsuji, along with Fred, gets hired as a cameraman and promoted to news anchor respectively by Daniel Clamp himself.