Mugger spawned at Kingston Falls in 1984. It was seen inside Dorry's Tavern wearing a ski mask with eyeholes, and wielded a gun.

Gremlins '84

He was about to shoot Kate Beringer with his revolver as she was escaping the tavern where many of the gremlins, including their leader Stripe, was rampaging, but he missed as she ducked and the bullet hit a wall behind her instead. Then the Mugger Gremlin got stunned by the shining headlights from Billy Peltzer's car outside the Tavern. Kate then pounded him before running out of the tavern to join Billy.

Later on, he was seen at the movie theater, sitting in the second front row and afterwards. Along with the other gremlins he watches and enjoys Snow White. He dies a fiery death along with the other gremlins when Billy, together with Gizmo and Kate, sets off an explosion which causes the theater go up in flames with the gremlins inside.


The Mugger Gremlin figure

  • An action figure replica of him exists but only 200 copies were made.
  • When Gremlins aired on the Hub (now Discovery Family), the entire scene where he ambushed Kate was removed.
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