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There was a commercial featuring Keye Luke as Mr. Wing and Howie Mendel returning as Gizmo. The commercial uses footage from the first movie, of don't drink and drive. The commercial was brought by the N.S.W. Police Community Relations Bureau.

Mr. Wing was telling this to Gizmo while holding him in his Chinese store shop. Gizmo was speaking in Mogwai language in agreement.

Mr. Wing: Proper care and feeding of the teenager. #1 rule: don't let them drink alcohol

(footage of Gremlins drinking alcohol at the Dorry's Tavern scene)

Gizmo: bad news

Mr. Wing: Rule #2: Never let them get into a car with a driver who has been drinking.


Gremlins don't drink and neither should teens!

(footage of Gremlins driving a plow mobile and the police car that crashed upside down)

Gizmo: Oh no...

Mr. Wing: Rule #3: Never ever, under any circumstances, allow him to take any illegal drugs

(footage of Stripe as a dead skeleton popping out of the fountain)

Mr. Wing: To grow up a happy, healthy teenager is important if you love them. You take good care of them.

(Gizmo speaking in his Mogwai language "Kay-Kay"