Rockin' Ricky Rialto is an unseen character living in Kingston Falls. There is a billboard of him near the town square, showing him parodying the character design of Indiana Jones, played by Harrison Ford.

Gremlins ‘84

Rockin' Ricky Rialto referred to himself as just Rockin' Ricky and is a radio program broadcaster who talks with other people. At one point, Pete Fountaine called him, stating that "these little green guys" were attacking his house, and Rockin' Ricky complained it's Christmas and not Halloween, and called the nonsense about the green monsters "Orson Welles crap". There was then the sound of breaking in the background head over the radio, to which Rockin' Ricky asked if it was fans of him. Much to his shock, it was actually Gremlins that had broken into his broadcast building, and he screamed in horror and called for help, which scared Gizmo when he heard this on the radio in Billy Peltzer's car.

Towards the end of the film, it's revealed that he's still alive as he is heard on the radio in Randall Peltzer's car radio, meaning that the Gremlins at his building also left to the movie theater to watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. He said that the Marines were standing by in Kingston Falls with fire hoses which they intended to turn on the Gremlins at first sight, meaning that Stripe's new army would've multiplied even more had Gizmo not stopped him.