Roland Corben is the bank manager of Kingston Falls Bank who has a good relationship with employee Gerald Hopkins (who hopes to take over the bank when Corben goes into retirement). Corben appears to be oblivious to Hopkins' sneaky and rude behavior. Though Corben seems to get along with Ruby Deagle, he has a less good relationship with Billy Peltzer.

Gremlins ‘84

He is first seen when Billy's dog Barney, whom Billy had taken with him to work, jumps over the desk and attacks Deagle, who had approached Billy and threatened to take Barney and punish him for destroying one of her decorative snowmen. Corben and Gerald comes to Deagle's aid and both of them yells at Billy for taking his dog with him, with Corben complimenting Gerald's comment about the bank not being a pet store. Later, Corben is seen talking with Mrs. Harris who insists on getting more time for her husband to pay off their debts and asks him to speak with Deagle about it. He denied her request however. Although he seems hardnosed, he does have a sense of humanity, electing not to terminate Billy's employment over the Barney incident.

Deleted scene

Corbin's death

In a deleted scene that takes place later in the film, Corbin is killed by the gremlins—death by clock, smashed over his head. The novel also indicates Corbin’s death.


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