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A, B, C, D, J, K, E, E...!
—Secretary Gremlin says the alphabet whilst messing with the computer.

Secretary Gremlin spawns at Clamp Center in 1990. Later, he confronted Daniel Clamp himself, after switching places with Betty.

Gremlins 2

The Secretary Gremlin was spawned by either George, Lenny or Daffy, and then he snuck into the top floors of the Clamp Center building, and winds up in Clamp’s secretary’s office, most likely through ventilation or the hallway when nobody was looking. After shredding junk mail and other documents from that morning, Betty begins typing up some memos given verbally by Clamp via intercom. She is completely oblivious to the sinister being that is now lurking in the shadows under her desk. The gremlin finds a mousetrap under the desk he’s hiding and chuckles silently, putting it inside a sandwich that Betty was eating. Eventually she grabs the sandwich and takes a bite, getting either her tongue or lips snapped in the mousetrap off screen showing Daniel Clamp’s reaction to her scream from his office next door. Afterwords the gremlin most likely pops up from under the desk and reveals himself to Betty as she runs out of sheer horror and to find medical attention.

The gremlin then steals her bright red cardigan and barcode name tag. “presumably dropped as she exited the office”. Daniel Clamp enters the office to investigate all the noise, he pauses for a moment then a look of confusion and pure terror spreads on his face as he witnesses his “new secretary”, a gremlin banging his claws on the desktop’s keyboard. It then notice’s Clamp out of it’s peripheral vision, slowly turns around to him, and gives him a creepy sneering smile. It then throws hot, full coffee pot at Clamp, making the man dodge behind the corner of a wall where it shatters as the gremlin claps and cackles wickedly with amusement, when it decides to duck back under the desk leaving the chair. Clamp peaks back around the corner still seeing the chair slowly moving. Still unsure of what he just saw, he slowly and carefully starts trying to look for the gremlin. But as he has his attention turned to another spot behind the desk. The gremlin “still wearing the red cardigan” pounces onto Clamp from the front of the desk, causing him to yell out in terror while trying to get the creature off of him. The gremlin snaps its sharp needle like teeth at clamps face and manages to deliver a close palmed punch to clamp’s nose, After a short struggle it chomps down on Clamp’s right hand causing him to yell louder and painfully yank his hand from the jaws of the gremlin. The attack is short lived as Clamp plunged the gremlin into the secretary’s nearby paper-shredder feet first, causing the demonic creature to shriek in pain. Then the secretary impostor gremlin's body got ripped and shredded along with the red cardigan into a load of red strips and green slime being sprayed out into a wastebasket bellow as it died a gory death. Just as Billy runs into the office.


  • In the novelization by David Bischoff, the gremlin was replaced by Mohawk. In return, Mohawk’s role as the spider gremlin was replaced by a generic green gremlin.
  • The on screen puppet of the secretary gremlin is actually controlled by John Glover “Daniel Clamp” when he's attacked by it. Glover’s left arm on the gremlin is fake. His real left arm is through the back of the puppet and hidden by the red Cardigan sweater that the gremlin is wearing.
  • He was the first Gremlin of The New Batch to die in the movie.
  • Despite only being alive for a short while, the Secretary gremlin knows somewhat about letters on a computer keyboard as it says “A,B,C,D,J,K,E,E” while recklessly slamming on the keys. He also knows what coffee is as he tauntingly asks clamp “Coffee?” Before throwing the glass coffee pot at him.
  • Clamp’s encounter with the Gremlin results in him taking a shower and changing his suit “due to the way he ended the Gremlin’s life” in the second half of the film.
  • In a deleted scene the continuity of the gremlin bite on Clamp’s hand is kept. After He and Billy discuss their plan to kill all the remaining gremlins, Billy shakes Clamp’s hand tightly causing him to wince in pain and Billy apologizing.