A, B, C, D, E, E...!
—Secretary Gremlin says the alphabet whilst messing with the computer.

Secretary Gremlin spawned at Clamp Center in 1990. It confronts Daniel Clamp himself after switching places with Betty.

Gremlins 2

The Secretary Gremlin was spawned by either George, Lenny or Daffy and then sneaks into the top floors of the Clamp Center building where Clamp's office is. After putting a mousetrap in a sandwich that Betty was eating, the secretary gets her tongue snagged in the mousetrap and supposedly runs to get emergency medical treatment.

The gremlin then steals her scarf and plays on her computer and when Clamp goes to check what happened, the gremlin turns to him and throws a coffee pot at Clamp, making the man dodge briefly. Afterwards, it laughs wickedly with humor and disappears and when Clamp checks out where it went, it suddenly attacks him and tries to bite his hand off. After a short struggle, Clamp plunges the gremlin into the paper-shredder, causing it to shriek in pain. The secretary impostor gremlin's body then gets ripped and shredded into a load of green slime as it dies a gory death and was not seen in the rest of the film.


  • In the novelization by David Bischoff, this gremlin was replaced by a mohawked gremlin (even though it was not Mohawk). He died in the same form this one did.
  • This is actually controlled by Daniel Clamp when he is attacked by the Secretary Gremlin. He has a fake hand attached to it, and he controls it in the back, under the sweater.