A smokeless ash tray that resembles the one from the film.

"I think this can solve your problem here, sir" - Randall Peltzer to the Mobil Gas Station Attendant about the invention.

The Smokeless Ash Tray is one of inventor Randall Peltzer's inventions.

It's an ashtray which is supposed not to let any smoke out from under it's dome, but like with all Randall's inventions, it does not work properly and smokes a fair bit, which causes it's users to cough after they try to extinguish their cigarettes in the ash tray.

He gave one to the Mobil Gas Station Attendant whom he noticed was a smoker, but after the man was dissatisfied with it since it smoked so much he offered it to Mr. Wing who was on his way to the Peltzers'; the elderly Chinese man did not accept it, however. Wing did however accept one as a gift from Randall as he came to their house to take the mogwai Gizmo with him home.

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