The Gremlin songs were written by Jerry Goldsmith, exclusively for the Gremlins song album. There is a soundtrack for the first movie.

  • The Gremlin Rag (theme song)

The theme song for the movie, describing the tone of the Gremlins, with the warning of the song to beware the Gremlins and obey the three rules. This is the most famous song of the movie, and became one of the most popular among the 1980s songs.

  • Mega Madness

A song played during the Dorry's Tavern scene where the Gremlins enjoy themselves acting like humans in a drinking and game-playing tavern and dancing around.

  • Out Out

A song played during the first scene in Dorry's Tavern (before Mega Madness), where the Gremlins are first seen having a fun time at the Dorry's Tavern night club.

  • Gizmo

The song that Gizmo sings when Billy plays it to him from the electronic keyboard, but with more notes. This notes the joy and happiness of having Gizmo as a pet/friend.

  • The Gift

The song played when Gizmo gets wet by accident, which violates one of the three most important rules of keeping a mogwai as a pet, and the danger of breaking the rule of getting Gizmo wet.

  • Ms. Deagle

A song featured on the grumpy, ruthless character Ruby Deagle, showing sour music of how it's like to live in Kingston Falls when Ms. Deagle controls the town's bank.