Gremlins scene 06

The Tavern Gremlins are a large group of gremlins wreaking havoc in Dorry's Tavern and several of the many gremlins that invaded Kingston Falls. They included the likes of the Bogart Gremlin, the Flasher Gremlin, the Fan Gremlin, the Deagle Gremlin, as well as their leader Stripe.

They all smoke, drink, play poker and trash the place with their rowdy behavior and they keep Kate Beringer hostage, forcing her to help and serve them drinks. Eventually, she discovers that the gremlins are sensitive to light when trying to light a cigarette for one of them, whereupon she flees by taking pictures of several of them with a camera as she makes her escape, blinding them by the flash. After she has run off with Billy Peltzer, the gremlins leave the wrecked tavern and head off to the movie theater.

  • Breakdancing GremlinGo to Breakdancing Gremlin
  • Poker-Cheating GremlinGo to Poker-Cheating Gremlin
  • Radio GremlinsGo to Radio Gremlins
  • Hand Puppet GremlinGo to Hand Puppet Gremlin
  • Bogart GremlinGo to Bogart Gremlin
  • Fan GremlinGo to Fan Gremlin
  • StripeGo to Stripe
  • Deagle GremlinGo to Deagle Gremlin
  • Smoking GremlinsGo to Smoking Gremlins
  • Flasher GremlinGo to Flasher Gremlin
  • Beer Tap GremlinGo to Beer Tap Gremlin
  • Glass-Throwing gremlinGo to Glass-Throwing Gremlin
  • Snot-picking gremlinGo to Snot-Picking Gremlin

You are currently in Dorry's Tavern.
Try to find a way out.



You have a 1:3 chance making it out through the back exit



You have a 2:3 chance of finding a window exit



You might have to fight gremlins to get out this way

Note: You will get different results, about every 30 minutes. This mini-game runs on a controlled random generater (The ratios provided are accurate).