Hello everyone, it is with great sadness that I must say I am departing from the wiki. I don't have the time, simply. I have taken away my own user rights and I no longer have any power on the wiki. I felt like I was letting everyone on the wiki down by not visiting enough, and I was one of the administrators. I am very upset to depart from the wiki. I may end up coming back to edit occasionally, but I will not be permanately staying, and I am truly sorry to say this. This wiki was very special to me and I will never forget it, nor will I forget the relationships I've shared with some of the users on the wiki. I would like to say thank you for visiting the wiki and for bothering to give it a chance. Thank you so much, guys, and if you ever really miss me and need me to come back, I'll be here. =') Thank you for all the memories, everyone, I'm really going to miss it here, thank you so much. I know I'll come back to edit, and thank you guys so much for everything.

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