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I came up with a comic book called: The Even Newer Batch

Its pretty much is like a Gremlins 3, except for theres a nice mogwai named Toe, he resembles Gizmo, and it is revealed Gizmo is his cousin. and the human only kills half of the 1000's of gremlins, and unlike the 1st two films, the mogwai(s, the other good mogwai being gizmo) finishes off all the other gremlins left.



  • Toe
  • Gizmo
  • Cheek (the evil mogwai / Reincarnation of George)


  • Fohwak (Reincarnation of Mohawk)
  • Kenny (Reincanation of Lenny)
  • Taffy (Reincarnation of Daffy)
  • Taylor (Reincarnation of Greta)
  • The Smarty (Reincarnation of Brain)