—the Vegetable Gremlin burps after drinking vegetable DNA.

The Vegetable Gremlin was a mutated gremlin at Clamp Center.

Gremlins 2

He is the first Gremlin to become a mutant gremlin and changed into a creature of living vegetation after drinking vegetable DNA after he mistook it for juice. As a result from drinking the vegetable serum, he is very prone to burping and belching.

After his mutation, he is one of the first Gremlins to show up in the Clamp Center's main lobby, he pops up from the salad bar and attacks a man. Being riddled with vegetables all over his body, for example with salad ears and carrot fingers, a gremlin dressed as a waiter is shown picking small vegetables off his body to use in drinks, showing that the other gremlins were using him almost like a walking vegetable stand. He presumably dies at the end of the film along with the most of other Gremlins (except Greta) when they are all electrocuted by the Electric Gremlin.

Deleted Scenes

  • There were several scenes with him filmed but most of them were cut out from the film, but are available to watch in the Additional Scenes featurette on the DVD (which is actually the deleted scenes):
  • There is a deleted scene of the Vegetable Gremlin and Microwave Marge. While everyone is running out of Clamp Center, Marge stops and looks at the Vegetable Gremlin. She picks up a drink glass, picks a vegetable off him and she plops it in her drink. She is about to take a sip before she realizes and runs screaming from the Vegetable Gremlin.
  • Another deleted scene shows another gremlin who is pouring lots of condiments on the Vegetable Gremlin while the cook gremlin was trying to make a meal out of the Vegetable gremlin. One other scene shows a squirrel eating an acorn while standing on the Vegetable Gremlin's head when the gremlins were opening cages to take out the animals.